CAPCOM doesn’t get it #3

CAPCOM has continued their Mega Man celebration with junk. For example, we’re getting Mega Man themed Ultrabooks. The question I need to ask is Why?

This is nothing short of riding the fame of Mega Man brand and believing in customers’ stupidity. How is selling this stuff celebrating the years the games have had? It isn’t. Mega Man merchandise has always existed from card games to toys and tabletop games. It’s nothing special to get an 8GB USB stick for twenty bucks filled with advertising. For comparison, I can go to my local store and buy a 16GB stick for ten bucks. But it’s Mega Buster! Yes, and the design is actually lacking. They could’ve made it into an HDD or something to really play with the Mega Buster element, adding lights to the yellow line or red glowing light to the nozzle. A lot of things would’ve been better than just halving it. It’s a bit too bulky for an USB stick already, so going better and bigger would have been a proper option.

The Ultrabook thing really makes me wonder what CAPCOM is thinking. It’s low-level laptop with a Mega Man skin. You can buy custom skins from various places, or make your own. Sure, it might not be as nice as having the artwork printed directly to the case, but it’s the better option. No need to get an extra laptop just for artwork.

I’m not sure if CAPCOM realizes that this doesn’t amount to anything on the long run. These products will be in limited production only, and I see the production stopping by the end of the year. Most likely much earlier.  It doesn’t help that all of these products are aimed for the core audience. No other people care about these. After these have been sold out, CAPCOM could argue that there is no interest for Mega Man any more, and cease producing any sort of Mega Man brand altogether for a time being, only abusing the name recognition at crucial times.

I’m not expecting CAPCOM to produce a Mega Man within the next two years. They’ll be riding this waning wave they have had since MM9 and 10, and will end up with a brand that has little to no value, but with a huge potential they are unable to tap. The renewed R20 book was a nice thing to do, adding information and putting in errata where needed, but overall it’s the same kind of fans-only product that on the long run doesn’t help their cause.

What CAPCOM needs is a new Mega Man game properly done. Developing a game like Mega Man nowadays for the current and last gen machines is expensive, but it’s completely manageable for the company. The industry can only blame themselves for aiming for HD, and I’m expecting them to deliver the next Mega Man game with high resolution sprites on disc. Mega Man got its fame and recognition through games, and that’s the only way it’ll get it back.

Realistically, CAPCOM’s not going to do it. At best we’ll get re-releases on the systems and that’s that.

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