And any thing that may not misbecome The mighty sender, doth he prize you at

Be it games, movies, music or whatever field of entertainment we speak of, they all ahve the same ultimate purpose; to entertain us. A good piece of entertainment exists to entertain the customer. Whatever this piece is, it should not serve as a vessel of its creator’s message.
A message of X can be found in anything if one is willing enough to analyse something too deeply. For example, Super Mario Brothers can be seen as a message of how communism would stomp down the big bad lizard, which turns people into blocks of coins and tries to take over the world, or how Iron Man is a pro-American fantasy about weapons and becoming a weapon over everything else. Both, of course, are bullshit I just devised. Whatever the author intent has been doesn’t matter when it comes to how enjoyable a certain piece is, but if the intent eclipses the reason why the product should exist in the first place, then some thing’s wrong.

In a crude comparison, I’ve been struggling with whether or not this blog falls into the region of ‘art’ or not. The subjects are arbitrary and to an extent serve my own purposes to get a somewhat objective (or sometimes subjective, but I’ll let you know when it’s given) viewpoint out there, as many things thrown out there are not my personal opinions, but rather results of a larger picture. As such, does my intent eclipse the main purpose? I agree that this blog is not the most entertaining read you’ll ever meet. I’m no Shakespeare, thou I think becoming a cheap imitation of Wodehousen might not be an empty dream. Nevertheless, I have tried to avoid speaking of matters that I wish to speak of, mainly âge related subjects. Thou using âge as an example of a company that manages to keep their franchise and brands in a tight lease isn’t a bad idea.

Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon for the author’s intent to be completely lost. Rather than abusing these pieces to get your messages out there, why not concentrate on making the best possible product? Often enough, when the message becomes the main point, they make movies into a recorded lesson, games into movies and so on. If I want to watch a document on something, I turn on BBC.

The matter presses most the video game industry, which has emphasized artistic creativity. It is almost a illness as the ends of the creators’ intents take over whole games. The same has happened with films and music. Avatar is still an awful film solely because the director wanted to make something like it, disregarding all the wants the customers had. Well, we have too many examples for bad music and we all know what I mean when I just say Friday. Seeing that science agrees that pop music has gone downhill, I don’t really see any other possibilities than telling these developers and creators to step out of their box and listen to what the customers want. Reviews are a very good place to start, especially with those that give more negative feedback than positive. They most often have what you need to improve.

Your product is made to make money, then make it so. Don’t make it into a statement of something. Artists and art exist for that reason. The day Super Mario becomes an allegory and a metaphor to the human condition is the day video games have died.

I do agree that there exists a healthy amount of works that do have a message that are important, but they also carry other meaningful elements. For example, George Orwell’s 1984 not only about the Orwell’s own intents and purposes, but it uses language extremely well and manages to entwine the destruction of English language into Newspeak as part of the overall story. If I may speak with a broad meaning, 1984 may be an extremely good description of a totalitarian nation, but that itself doesn’t matter when the book is a damn good read and manages to bring forth a slew of emotions and ideas. Just like a good book should. Perhaps that example is a bit of doublethink.

It seems that what the current generation of creators and developers are lacking is experiences, especially in gaming. If you’re only influenced by your own field, be it movies or such, how can you create something that will turn the table upside down? If you grow up only on games and end up making games, you’ll most likely end up making nothing but third-grade schlock. If you’ve listened nothing but music, especially only few kinds of music, how are you able to bring a new genre into existence? Films shouldn’t even need an example, as the industrialised plagiarism that’s so rampart tells that nobody is making anything new and exciting, just reusing all the old classical stuff or something else that they allowed themselves to be influenced by. By that I mean from what they stole the idea.

Now, do not mix ‘to create’ with ‘to be creative.’ Let’s use a crude example of sorts…

When making a baby, you’re most certainly creating something with someone else, but you’re not being creative. To continue using sex as an example, to be creative when making a baby during sex would mean that the penis would try to impregnate the woman through mouth, belly button or anus, or a horse. It doesn’t work. Positions and changing them is not being creative, it’s using the tools available to for you. Most likely when you’re trying new positions, you’re falling back on things you’ve seen or read somewhere, and then building on that. If you somehow, miraculously, manage to invent completely new position, do give me a message.

Sex aside, creators need to pay attention to the product itself rather than what they think the product needs. To create something that is successful, one needs life experiences outside his own expertise, input from outside sources and most importantly, this person needs to make research upon research in order to realize what not only would be a good product, but what would make that good product into a great product. Practise can’t be ignored either, and yet the best actors there are do not fall back on their schooling, but on their life experiences as well. Far too many actors these days do not even act any more, they just walk on the stage and are themselves with new lines to read.

Whenever I think of Brian Blessed, this scene comes to my mind. Without a doubt, he is known for his thunderous voice, here he is controlled and low key, almost silent in his threat. My bias shines through, I admit

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