When will plot be substituted with gameplay?

While you could say that I’ve been vehemently against storylines in games, that would be misnomer. I do enjoy a good story in a game when it has its place in there. For example, I do love the plot in Ultima and Fallout, both of which are computer games. What about Muv-Luv? Visual Novels still aren’t games. I do recommend you to give a look at Sisters if you’re into heartwrenching stories that are largely pornographic. I know you are, so give it a hoot.

Arcade games and console games are different things thou, and arcade games do not need plot to be good games. Nobody is going to put in quarters into Yie Ar Kung-Fu to be swept by a epic story about the arts of Kung-Fu and Chinese mysticism. For that I recommend you to watch Big Trouble in Little China.

Y'know, by changing few things here and there, this movie could be a sequel to he Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. I wonder why....
Y’know, by changing few things here and there, this movie could be a sequel to he Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. I wonder why….

Console games are a bit different. As they are the best of arcade and computer games in harmony (a lost art nowadays) and certain games can balance between story and gameplay. Ducktales is one of those games that doesn’t need to balance with this, because the game was pure gameplay. We know that Scrooge was on a mission to make money and that’s that. The Remastered version seems to add a lot of unnecessary things.

For example, the developers seem to be baffled by why there would be rat on the Moon. Well, Moon is made of cheese, isn’t it? Rats and mice eat cheese. It’s not hard to put the blocks together. I need to quote the next one, because it’s unbelievably stupid.

“In the original NES version, you go in the UFO to find the remote control to open the area to get to the boss. You don’t really know why. The game doesn’t explain it well,” Jimenez stated.

The game doesn’t need to explain it. We know what the remote does. We weren’t idiots back in the day, were not idiots now… thou the Internet and few selected people try to prove otherwise. I doubt that there’s anyone who didn’t have enough imagination and/or intelligence to deduce why you needed to collect the remote first; to access the boss room. There’s nothing more to that and better yet; there’s no need to be more than that.

There’s also a point where they explain who GizmoDuck is and it seems to have a far larger part than previously and I need to ask why? To make it more like the cartoon? Then why isn’t the game looking more like the cartoon? It’s because they want to shove more story in there, and we don’t need no story in these neighbourhoods.

But to be serious, the main reason why this game will have longer completion time isn’t mainly because of the new stages, but because the cut scenes. A game that’s so rooted on accurate and tight controls can stand on its own two feet without having a story. If I wanted to see a Ducktales cartoon, I’d watch an episode. If I wanted to play a Ducktales games, I’d just pop it in. But what if I wanted to play a cartoon that is like a video game?

Well, there’s Laserdisc games for that

A good example of a cartoon game would be the likes of Earthworm Jim, and somewhat ironically, the original Ducktales. It’s mostly how they feel and play, how the visuals blend with the cartoony design. Not how they tell a story. What’s with game developers not trying to develop a way to tell a story within the games’ context rather than having cutscenes?

It’s an alarming example when developers are adding things to a game that it doesn’t need. Who the hell cares if the remote control or the rat is explained? We just want to find the damn remote and beat the boss. Why make it more dull and have us taken away from the game?

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