CAPCOM doesn’t get it #5

The original name of this post was something really vulgar, like CAPCOM, you dense motherfuckers don’t know what the fuck you’re doing, but I decided that something like that would be a bit overboard. Only a bit.

Since Mega Man X7 came out, CAPCOM has been out of the loop on what to do with the series. They have no direction for it, no idea how to manage the brand or what Mega Man even is. It’s something they see unfit for their current image. This is why those online titles were announced. I never liked their idea, as Mega Man is a single player game through and through. Something like Power Battles works as a multiplayer simply because of its arcade nature. Mega Man Legends 3 was on the right tracks with what a Legends game should be, but CAPCOM axed it like a crippled horse.

Let’s get to the core now, so I can get it all out before I smash another plate in a fit of fury; there was once  a Mega Man X First-Person-Shooter project called Maverick Hunter.


Metroid Prime worked because at the core it was the 2D Metroid transferred into 3D. For every change it adapted the core of the 2D Metroids in some form. The style was there, the atmosphere was there, and music was there… basically everything you want from a good Metroid game was in there. While the gameplay was different and all that, everything in it was Metroid.

Who the hell thought it was a good idea to rework Mega Man X into a grimdark FPS revival? It boggles my mind that somebody at CAPCOM thought that because the Prime series was a relative success, similar treatment would benefit Mega Man. I want to punch both the author and everybody involved this project, and kick those people in the nuts who thought this could’ve been good. It’s not unfortunate that this project was cancelled; it saved us from losing what had been built thus far.


Because this game was not Mega Man X game at any point.

I love how the author tries to tell that the game would’ve been true to the core of Mega Man X gameplay. Pretty much everything said, from obtaining enemy weapons to wall-jumping, has been introduced in FPS’ in some way already, and nobody calls those games as Mega Man X clones. Then there’s the point of the design being horrible. I don’t have strong opinions on Iron Man’s armours in the films outside them being bland, but the images we see here are abysmal, generic, and screaming HARDCORE with dick on their hands. You also see the clear Iron Man influence in there, which only tells that the concept designer Adi Granov can’t do anything else than that one thing that he is most for. It’s most just an influence, there’s clear design elements directly lifted from the Iron Man armour that were just slapped in there with changed colours. No, it’s not a good thing. We’ve talked about how changes in style can doom a brand, and this change would not have gone well. There would have been hype and hardcore hipsters and jockies would’ve liked it, and everybody else would shrug it off as yet another space marine FPS the industry is flooded with.

There’s also this thing that the authors of the article keep thinking that Mega Man X was a gritty sequel to Mega Man. It really wasn’t, it just took itself a bit more seriously. It’s apparent that the story would’ve been in a larger focus, and while I’ve ranted how CAPCOM never managed to tap the potential X had, the games never really needed it. Because of this plot centric shit, the game would’ve been a trilogy that would’ve ended by Mega Man X going evil and Zero killing him.

I will not cover my despise towards anyone who thinks this is a good idea, that because Mega Man X is as human as we are, he will become evil. Do these monkeys really think that a character who  holds dear everything that’s good in the world and the only reason he is willing to fight is to protect others despite his own conflicts and aims to save even the villains would go evil? If you answered yes, then start protecting your gonads. So, what about the manga? Did you read it? I did, I have it on my shelf, and I read the re-prints with the new ending. In the comics, X starts as the only robot able to cry. That itself is some heavy shit right there. Every enemy he has to kill grinds him, and as the story progresses Sigma puts X through worse and worse shit, slowly manipulating him and psychologically abusing him, and yet every time X manages to beat him. X4 story ends with X donning his Ultimate Armour, holding a ripped Repliforce flag in his hands and laughing manically. While Sigma’s plan was successful to an extent, he nevertheless was defeated, and in the additional ending in the reprints X reflects on his choices and further aims for a more peaceful world.

In short; X does have his darker moments, but he never succumbs to them to abandon his real self. Tetsuwan Atom/ Astroboy handled all the same concepts, but with Mega Man X there’s a chance

And the motherfucking Zero fanwank. It needs to stop. Zero fans always go how he is stronger and cooler than X, even if Zero himself admits that X is more powerful than he, and for the love of whatever you worship, by X’s defined name he has unlimited potential. Explore that! That’s something we haven’t seen in video games yet. We have half-assed attempts of exploring humanity through artificial life, but never at this scale; not at this possible extent. If you want to write a story for Mega Man X games, write a story about a machine that needs to struggle with his humanity, the responsibility that has been set on his shoulders as the source of a new robotic race, the power he holds within, the unlimited possibilities he has, and how they are denied because one other decides that the ideals he lives by are wrong, and that he either needs to join the other side, or be destroyed. How this changed the world and peace loving pacifist is thrown into war, where his kin and mankind are killed left and right, into determined mind to protect those who can’t protect themselves. How X finds out that the power inside him is not only for the evolution of soul, but also for unlimited destruction and death if he so chooses; how a mind that has always regarded peace and harmony as his forte now has to face that the arm he has holds a key to Apocalypse. How an arch enemy continuously steps forward, laughing at X’s believes and questioning all he stands for. Sigma is the opposite of X in all this, a soul that believes in absolute control of the higher race as him in the control.

X’s potential, both in-game and outside the game, is limitless and it was never tapped. Goddamn, I should write 50 Shades of Gray styled fanfiction of Mega Man X, except it would be worth reading.

And these idiots want a story where X goes evil and Zero, the literal Pandora’s Box (with him being the one who carried the Virus that was the reason for Mavericks,) has to kill him to save the world. That’s not poetic or anything; that’s overused piece of tired trash.

There’s so much wrong in the whole concept of this that it hurts. Hell, the Mega Man8-bit Death Match managed to hit the right spot because it was basically a joke; Mega Man on top of Doom with new weapons. And it works because it has everything that Mega Man already was. This… this would work as a separate game, something that has nothing to do with Mega Man X. If it had been released as The Android Hunter Saga or something, it might’ve been something special. As it was before canned, it was complete and utter bullshit. Rather than trying to reinvent already established game series, they could’ve been making Mega Man X9.

Speaking of reinventing game series, DMC sure went well with CAPCOM. The authors try to say that original Mega Man X was something like this, but that’s just wrong; Mega Man X was a sequel and a separate entity of Mega Man that still was produced. DMC was a reboot, a sad replacement for a good series. This would have been the exact same.

I’m glad to see that Svensson agrees that at this time it would’ve been a bad idea to release something like this. Mega Man’s dead and publishing Mega Man X FPS would’ve ensured further death of the brand. How can a dead be dead? Well, necromancy. In Mega Man case, it would’ve been necromancy and necrophilia, and there would have been no consent from Mega Man’s side. [Editor;consensual sex is hot.]

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