Music of the Month; Yours truly, 2095

Have I ever told you the reason why I love the 80’s? It’s not just that it was the last truly great decade we’ve had thus far before the Internet set in as we now know it, but because the decade brought together a lot of things that the 60’s and 70’s had been developing on many fronts. 80’s saw the boom of home media, computers, video games, and a lot of other stuff we just take more than for granted these days.

Personally, it’s the whole feeling of 80’s for me. How it looked, how it felt and sounded. I meant to stay only a while in the 80’s, but I keep returning to it. The 90’s saw large scale digitalization, and thus we lost a lot of analogue warmth, if I may be poetic for a moment here. Electric Light Orchestra is a bit special case for me, as it’s one of the few bands I heard when I was a kid, next to an insane bunch of other strange 70’s and 80’s bands thanks to my godfather, but nowadays ELO is the only I can remember clearly… party because of Daicon IV, but that’s another story.

Before the Internet, computer and video games made a large impact on the overall culture that was. After the Internet, video games became a common commodity and have not been making any impact on anything since. Same goes for movies and music, which made their last truly large impacts in the 80’s. However, TV is still making some impact with its somewhat quality offerings, but even now there’s constantly new revivals being churned out, or at least attempts at revivals. An example of this would be Mockinbird Lane, which was a Munsters revival, which wasn’t half bad but it wasn’t Munsters. It was… something. It could’ve worked as a separate series that got its inspiration from Addams family and the Munsters. However, I’m not seeing any home media format having any impact on the culture. BD and Streaming barely grazed the what VHS, and to some extent, DVD managed to create in cultural context.

We live in a generation where it’s completely acceptable to just take someone’s idea and use them as their own with a little tweaking. 50 Shades of Grey is unacceptable work on Twilight, even if both of them are horrible piles of garbage. I can’t find it acceptable that we as a society allow people to build their life work on plagiarism. I will oppose plagiarism for as long as I my mind understands what the hell is going on.

The next two decades will show how large a cultural impact the Internet has left on us. For now we see that we have screens everywhere and that everybody’s connected to everybody else and to everything via the Internet. It is, as Josh Hadley put it, the new flesh. How long it will be that the new media will be integrated to our physical being? Seeing we’re already making DNA into flashdrives, I’d say that at some point dickwaving will get a new meaning.

Have some pretty 80’s artwork from 80’s Japanese adult magazine to end this post.

Girls and SF? I need to get back on that Muv-Luv post I've been working in silence
Girls and SF? I need to get back on that Muv-Luv post I’ve been working in silence

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