CAPCOM doesn’t get it #6

I wonder if the staff at CAPCOM have their brains taken over by the aliens or something. For a time now I’ve been carefully looking at their commemorative stuff, which have mounted to Hey, let’s sell useless USB stuff! and statues. That’s that. At this point I can’t believe CAPCOM is really celebrating their hit series’ 25th anniversary, as the only thing they’re producing at the moment is something that any series out there is getting pretty much all the time.

Next to the single Mega Man statues, which has a face that looks like a Mega Man with Tourette’s syndrome, CAPCOM’s now releasing a dual statue of Mega Man and Mega Man X… in silver? Now don’t get it wrong, I know where the silver comes from and I love the stuff, as it makes beautiful jewellery with stones like lapis lazuli, but this is just dumb. Why not have a silver overcoat on top of the overall colours outside face? Make it looks a bit metallic and mix the silver in the colour so that it would not look plain as it does.

Single colour isn’t really the biggest problem of this statue; it’s the weird places in the sculpt. While the overall sculpting has been good, the first thing you notice is that Mega Man’s blast is just some sort of spiky fruit. It looks stupid, especially in silver. This is one of those spots that need transparent plastic to make it look good. Mega Man’s helmet is also wrong, but this is what you’d call an artistic selection.

Near the neck the helmet turns outwards rather than keeping its shape in check. This is due to the fact the helmet overall is not in correct shape. This on the other hand is due to the helmet originally being a drawing of certain level of impossibility when it comes to how well it hugs the Blue Bomer’s head, but that’s why it’s a drawing. It would’ve been completely doable in this sculpt as well, but it would have looked less real in a certain sense that they were going for here. You may also notice that the square on his forehead is not big enough, and neither is the elongated bit.

The face Mega Man also makes is not really all that good. I’m putting this on the common American trope, where everything needs to snarl and look mad on their game covers. You can’t have a smiley Kirby in there. It’s not like Mega Man hasn’t had action poses before (the one in MM8 is pretty damn nifty overall) but this fails because they’re trying to adapt something that works on paper in 2D in a 3D environment. That, or the sculptor just didn’t get his expression right. It would have been better if CAPCOM had opted out playing on Mega Man’s strengths rather than having in this pose with this expression. Also, his left knee, where the tight meets with boot, is way too flat and looks horrible.

But enough of Mega Man, let’s talk about X behind him. Overall, he is better and the sculptor nailed him better than Mega Man. All the important elements that are there somewhat accurately portrays him as he should be. I wonder if the characters had different sculptors. Outside the rather awkward pose, X is the superior of the two. I’d like to see him from the other side as well, but I haven’t seen any pictures posted for examination.

And this combination of statues looks like the biggest thing CAPCOM’s doing for Mega Man’s 25th anniversary. This is how it goes down; not with a bang, but with an expensive whimper. I was almost going to say that I would have taken digital re-releases of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection and Mega Man X Collection, but then I drank some whiskey and came to my senses. No, CAPCOM needs to put their assets in correct order alongside with their goals. They need to make a high quality Mega Man and Mega Man X game that follows the customers’ wishes. Statues hardly will be a step forwards at making a game. I wonder how much money all these products are off from CAPCOM’s game development…

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