Oh hey! It’s… on Unreal Engine?

I know I recommend people to avoid hype, but Guilty Gear has been one of my favourite games since… a long time really. Since PS1 days. That’s why I’ve been disappointed in ArcSys and all that they’ve been doing with the franchise.

Now, while I really dislike the use of Unreal Engine, I understand the reasons why this selection was made, but it still make me a bit disappointed. Every game really needs their own engine to run on, but seeing that they’ve managed to make the game look like an animated 2D piece, I won’t complain about it too much. It looks pretty and let me have this momentary giddiness.

It doesn’t look as fluid as it should at the moment, but damn if they didn’t nail Sol’s and Ky’s character design updates. While Sol’s body suddenly experienced some sort of widening, the style, look, feel and attitude is there just as it should be. While Sol barely has any changed in his design outside Fireseal (or is it a new sword called Bullet Heaven?), Ky has more changed details everywhere which I approve wholeheartly because it just works, and Thunder Seal looks sweet. I love its sleeker design. Guilty Gear has a nice lack of katanas, reserved to few characters only. Millia’s appearance in the ending is fitting, goddamn she looks pretty. Her completely revamped outfit looks very Guilty Gear-ish to boot, and I hope that every character will have optional outfits.

Oh hell, I’m gonna get beaten up by my friend and his Eddie, Millia and Venom gameplay. He’s damn good with those.

ArcSys, please don’t fuck this up. Make it the next generation Guilty Gears and disregard BlazBlue’s influence altogether.

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