It does everything else except what you want

I thought I would have no reason to type anything about Xbox One, but I need to get it out of my systems.

Xbox One is a travesty even before it has been released.

Xbone is the anti-game machine. It is designed to be the multimedia centre of your home. It is designed to play music, video, movies, TV and then perhaps add some games in there. Xbone is not a game console. It has more in-common with Apple computers than game consoles with its way of thinking. It is hatred against games personified.

I want to know what Microsoft’s execs where thinking while designing this console’s functions. First of all, Xbone’s constant surveillance on the customer is unethical. It is practically invading one’s own privacy. No wonder there have been some reports that it has been deemed illegal in certain countries. Of course, many theories have already been thrown out why such a function exists, and some of them are probable. Data mining is one, as Microsoft is clearly very keen on making money on everything else but video games. That’s a huge problem.

I’m sure you’ve already read what Xbone does in general outside games, and all these bits are a symptoms of the larger problem within the industry; video game industry absolutely hates making money on games. They want to remove competition from every area where possible, they only want to compete with Hollywood styled million dollar games that take friggin’ five to seven years to finish and with staff that has more useless people working on the games than cheap whores have crabs. The question they need to ask is why they aren’t getting their money back from their games. The answer is simple; the customers refuse to pay for shit. Why do the developers expect you to pay for a product that has been under work for far too long, is far too short and lets you down? We have abundance of games already on the table for us to pay for through companies’ own services, through XBLA, PSN and Virtual Console, not to mention GoG and STEAM. All these current games are directly in competition with older games that are actually making money. That’s just the digital downloads. Now Microsoft wants to remove GameStop styled stores from the equation, and now you’re supposed to pay money for used games.

And that, dear readers, is stupid. 

If a company notices that their current product is making less money than products of the past that are just as easily available, the right choice is not to remove the competition, but to create a product that would make the past products useless. But oh God how game industry hates competition. It damages the developers creativity, it forces the developers to think the customers’ best and to actually do their damn job. In all of design, the most important part is to disregard your own wants and wishes and do what is expected from you.

And this is why Xbone ticks me off. I refuse to call it a game console. The Wii was a game console. When you add useless properties on your console, it becomes more and more like a computer that can’t do everything it could. It becomes a dumbed down PC, and with it the games become more dumb and less about quality.

When the last game console generation was released, economics were completely different. Now, the customers are refusing more than last time, and pushing out any console that has even little similarity with PS3’s release will fail like a fish on land. We are in a slump, and money is tight. We all know it and it affects us all. A company that would want to make money would recognize this and design their product to meet the demands of the time. The STEAM Box, whatever it’s named today, will fail for the same reason as Xbone. How the hell they’re going to sell a 500 dollar toybox that has nothing to play on? We already have things that play movies and music, we already have a perfect way to watch TV and we don’t need extra equipment for those. Why do we need more equipment to do the same things we already are able to do? I have never watched one DVD on my game consoles. Well, I watched one DVD on my Wii, but that’s that. I have watched one BD on my PS3 just to test it out. If people need a box that does everything, they have a damn PC for that. A lot of my friends who are into Apple have set their Macs to run the music while controlling it through their iPhone. [Editor.I have a friend who does that, too.] Most of them have a separate DVD/BD players simply because the history has proven that people tend to like products that do one thing well. Nobody will Xbone to watch TV, post on Facebook, browse the Internet, listen to music or anything like that. All these things already can be used on better machines. The only thing Xbone should be competing with is the games, because that’s why game consoles exist, and they’re not emphasizing on the part that sells the machine. On top of it all, they’re further enforcing the industry to not compete. In the end, we’re going to end with similar situation that Atari had in the early 80’s; companies spewing out software and hardware people simply won’t buy.

Whenever you hear something is selling well, ask how much profit is the company making on that product. Video game industry is barely making profit, and the larger sums we see mean nothing if there is no profit. Is video game industry bigger now? Yes. Is it making more money than it used to? No. Simply looking at the numbers of sold products is never enough. You need to take notice on population growth, current macro-economics and everything between, you should notice rather soon that the amount of profits these companies should be getting is nowhere near they think they are. There are no winners when everybody’s losing. There isn’t a better console over another when none of them are successful. There isn’t competition where there is only one mildly successful machine. The 3DS, whatever its success is now, is very there simply because the Vita has barely anything to offer. Much like the Xbone, the Vita is in no-competition place, and with no competition there will be no quality to offer, and no-quality products will not make profit, and companies that do make profit will suffer.

How am I supposed to buy something when then companies are offering nothing?

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