History repeats itself; E3 2013

I’m not sure what is the target market of the Xbone. It doesn’t really have anything going on for it. The presentation was all about the games for sure, but it was multiplaforms, sequels and games that had no staying power. Is this what Microsoft thought we’d want to see and hear? No, the most burning questions were unanswered and a press conference was cancelled as well.

No, that’s something we know and what we’ve already gone through time and time again. What we know that the Xbone is able to play games and Microsoft was eager to push those to us. It’s interesting to see how they went around everything that they’d find remotely negative and barely touched the console itself at all. So, at the moment everything we know stands. Well, we got the price, and it’s never good idea to announce your console’s price on stage. When SEGA announced the price of Saturn of $399, SONY representative walked on their stage and said to the mic $299. This has been called the Saturn moment, as it was that moment that the fate of Saturn was determined.

What this E3 shows is that Microsoft didn’t learn anything from the past consoles. They’re making the same mistakes that Atari did with Jaguar and what SEGA did with the Saturn. They’re just the most apparent comparisons really. It was also rather apparent that they spent buttloads of money to get Metal Gear Solid 5 with Kojima there to say hello.

The thing is, SONY’s conference wasn’t that good either. They showed the console for the first time (not really convinced) and answered the questions Microsoft had not answered. With this they created the Saturn moment again by showing how the PS4 directly contradicts Xbone’s design philosophy. And this is just in; PS4 is region free. PS4 has more common grounds with the Wii U at the moment, and that’s a good thing. Both of these are game consoles more than anything else, thou not as much as I’d like them to be.

So, the news that PS4 won’t be like Xbone made the conference good. You can disregard everything else from it. It’s sad to see that in 2013 SONY manages to turn the tables by screwing with us less than its competitors. The fact that PS4 will be free of region lock is ambrosia to my ears, I have to admit that, but there’s one point nobody seems to notice; it’ll cost $530.57 in Europe, or roughly 100€ more than its US counterpart and this is total and complete bullshit. At this moment the exchange rate is not $1=1€ but $1 = 0.752023€. Euro is around 0.32975 US cents more valuable than US dollar. At higher costs this is a huge deal. If I were to purchase a PS4, it would not be until after two price drops, or whenever it costs around 250€, or $332.323. Actually, it might be worth importing the machine from US to here and mark it as a computer, as those are able to come though the customs without extra taxation. I’m an importer, and region free gaming is very good news, but now that it seems that I need to import this console. Well, it’s not like I have imported Mega Drive and Saturn already…

Is the PS4 saviour of the game industry? No, it’s not. It’s a step to proper direction as PS4 is less about screwing you over than what Xbone is.

But Nintendo. If I were to swear, I’d tell them to fuck themselves. However, I’m extremely disappointed in them. First, do a damn proper presentation rather than live stream. That was a horrible decision. Also, we don’t give a damn where you are, what you’re going to do and why you’re there. The thing Nintendo should have some damn balls and step on the stage. Also, why do you have Reggie if you’re not going to use him? Iwata’s English is incomprehensible at times (OH THE IRONY). Use Reggie. Reggie knows his stuff. Reggie was the damn master of ceremony and dominated the stage. Iwata, not so much. They lost applauses. Imagine the roaring and applauses the hall would’ve gone through if Reggie had been on stage showcasing Mega Man. Now it all just were flattened.

Outside that… well, we got Mega Man in Smash Bros., but more on that later on, because Capcom doesn’t get it. The 3D Mario fans (all five of them) are disappointed that 2D Mario is being mixed with their game. At least we got character classes again… or should I put it finally? They should’ve done this long ago. The only reason that why these did not exist in previous 3D and New Mario games is that Nintendo didn’t want them in. Again, why wouldn’t you put something in that the customers want?

I have to mention Retro’s new Donkey Kong simply because it looked boring. Why the hell Iwata had to narrate over the video and VIKINGS? Are you seriously kidding me? DK vs Vikings? It’s sad to see Retro in this kind of shape. It’s not even funny that they contrasted that with Bayonetta 2 with all the mature elements it has. Well, as mature as Bayonetta can get. Bayonetta also was the gateway to X, which had giant robots.

Actually, Nintendo could’ve just done a showcase video of upcoming games and be done with it. That’s what their presentation was. There was no reason Iwata to be there narrating anything. I’m sure company head exec would find something more worth his time.

So, E3 2013. Was it any good? No, it wasn’t what we can call good. Microsoft and Nintendo were huge disappointments, while SONY managed to get the only positive reaction from the viewers. That, and Mega Man. Microsoft’s presentation smelled like burned money, SONY was boring and Nintendo just screwed it by not being there. But you know what? Xbone will sell in the US because America fuck yeah, just as PS4 will be more successful in Japan because of Banzai! but that leaves Europe all open. Good to see that… wait, none of them? Well fuck you too industry. Europe, and PAL regions overall, are a significant market to step into. It’s rather laughable. It’s like an international event held in the US isn’t international.

I went on a bad tangent there. I apologise. I’ll just pop a bottle of whiskey.

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