Music of the Month; Una Furtiva Lagrima

If there’s one thing I regret missing when it comes to music, it’s that I never appreciated Pavarotti when he was alive. I joked about Fat Pavarotti and whatever other jokes were common in the early 90’s. There was very little actual appreciation towards the man, until I saw one televised concert of him. After that I took music a bit more seriously. The man was like Italian Brian Blessed, but with less cursing and more opera. Just sit back and relax.

It’s summer, and it means that while I’m on sort of vacation, I am mixed with projects that have more heft and thus take more time. I hate it. Also, three projects are leeching on my time now, and my editor hates me because she needs to read that Kimi ga Nozomu Eien article by the end of month for an anniversary update. I hope to bring in scan post this month as well, so expect that as well.

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