Monthly Music Special; 7.7. Happy birthday, Sumika

It’s been some time since posted anything like this. I really don’t wish to deviate from the core of this blog too much, but sometimes it’s good to have a change. So, for today let’s eat a strawberry cake.

Why is an annoying character like Kagami Sumika my favourite, I was once asked. The simple answer was, and still is, that I love her. She is sincere, her intentions are ultimately driven by love and… ultimately she is there, always. That is what I love about her. She may not be the most complex character, the one with most spectrum to her actions or even the brightest of the bunch. She is who she is, and despite her flaws, I still like her the most.

Hell, I bought the 360 Double pack just to get Sumika’s Figma and I’d do it again goddammit.

That said, I woke up last night and wondered why I was so awake. Then I just sort of remembered what day it was. That, and I found that I was hungry as hell, which made my stomach growl.

Now, almost ten hours later from my initial writing, I actually have made that strawberry cake. So let’s sit down and remember all the good things we have had with friends and loves ones.

One thought on “Monthly Music Special; 7.7. Happy birthday, Sumika

  1. *Crap, sorry for the mess above.

    I’m so late it’s pathetic, but anyway: (belated) happy birthday, Sumika!

    It’s been 1 year since I finished the original trilogy, and man do I miss Sumika and others.

    The Muv Luv universe has expended so much since then, but somehow none of the “new” characters are able to captivate me as Sumika and her friends did.

    I think you nailed the reason why Sumika fanboys, or at least me, like her. Her sincerity and the fact that she’ll always be there for you are want won me over as well. An incredible feat considering that she’s one of the character that I hated the most at first.

    Anyway, I hope you do this little celebration post like this every now and again. There is no harm in celebrating little things in life such as this anniversary.

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