Famicom turns 30

Not only I feel old, but also tired.

What do we see in these commercials? Games that the Wii Sports. Look at those colours in the games as well as on the cartridges. Look at the machine itself with the red and white scheme. Look at the controller with royal gold and white.

These are from time gaming was about fun and colours. It wasn’t about artistic merits or realism. It was about a box that played games. Also about awesome revolvers. Nowadays we can’t have revolvers because it’s too awesome for modern gaming and parents are overprotective pricks.

I want a game that would make Duckhunt obsolete. Think about it; Duckhunt’s not an obsolete game. New Duckhunt on the Wii would have been great. We have all these railshooters nowadays, but none of them never replaced Duckhunt.

These games in the commercials may not be the best elite that the Famicom and NES had to offer. Nevertheless, they’re still fun to play. While the Famicom was a hit, NES did a cultural paradigm shift in  the US and Europe when it comes to gaming.

The only way any console and its games can overcome the NES is to overthrow it’s status in the culture. It doesn’t only need to replicate it’s success like the Wii did, it needs make it completely and utterly obsolete.

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