CAPCOM doesn’t get it #8

What have we seen lately in regards of Mega Man? A revised sourcebook is coming and a slew of toys. We’re also seeing a slew of fan made games, as well as few Mega Man added to some lists.

Y’know what wrong with all of these? These aren’t newsworthy. CAPCOM isn’t making any noise outside one post at their forums where they confirmed not getting how marketing should work.

Again, to who are these toys and statues aimed at?  People who are fan[s] of Mega Man. Who buy[s] the games? The fans. How do you get more fans? By producing more games to broaden the customerbase. Guess what CAPCOM isn’t doing. After all these years of wanting, the Western fandom finally got toys and books.  The game series just needed to die before CAPCOM decided to make money on the side products. Make the primary products.

Due to lack of any actual development with CAPCOM and their intent with Mega Man, outside making money with secondary products, the fans are grasping straws and saying the series is relevant because of the toys. Then again, we could say that G1 Transformers is relevant due to the Masterpiece toys. We all know that G1 has not been relevant in years outside the hardcore audience, and similarly Mega Man is only relevant to those people who keep buying the toys and blog about it. It’s sad that the younger audience knows Mega Man from his 9th and 10th outings, or just through emulation. Since those games Mega Man should already be known for at least three more games. Legends 3 would have elevated the situation to a better status, but the choice of players controlling someone other than Mega Man was stupid. Pokémon doesn’t get bought and played because it has Tamagotchis, nor people buy Devil May Cry to play Silent Hill.

But Legends 3 came and was cancelled in a whim. The time since that happened is a small eternity already, as macroeconomics have changed as has the console status quo, where all of the currently sold consoles are either barely floating or are slowly being pushed away. UK retailer Asda doesn’t even stock Wii U anymore. I can’t blame them, as Wii U doesn’t have any games that have lasting power. Pikmin 3 is a laughable. It was in development for a half a decade and come out and nobody cared outside the core fans of the series.

You might think that It’s enough for the companies to serve their core fans, as I myself have said that it is harder to gain new customers than keep the old ones. However, not broadening your customerbase is the road to stagnation and without taking care of your product with absolute care it will end up repeating itself and never improves, like the bulk of Finnish anime conventions or later Mega Man games. If you were to sell to a small audience, you’d have to make sure that your product is premium of the premium and as valued as its weight in gold. The smaller the audience you have, the costlier it should be in order to make profit, which then means to put more work, time and resources in said product.

However, this sort of Elite Market is nothing short of stupidity when it comes to video games. Games used to be for everybody and there existed games for all. It doesn’t help that targeting the Elites during depression isn’t your best bet in regards of long term planning. More games and a wider userbase doesn’t mean that the quality of the games would go down but just the opposite.

CAPCOM is doing itself a disservice on not actually doing anything of worth. Hell, I even said that nobody wants another Darkstalkers compilation and surprise surprise, CAPCOM just reported that it didn’t sell well enough to warrant new Darkstalkers. I’m surprised to see CAPCOM’s inability to realize that the Devroom and Darkstalkers Resurrection were extremely weak attempts at doing marketing and marketing research.

Are these toys a way for CAPCOM to wage how much demand there is for Mega Man, or are they just trying to keep the little fanbase they have left in tight lease? Most likely the latter. 

Speaking of unreleased games, CAPCOM has tentatively announced to put the Game Boy Mega Man games on the 3DS virtual store. Remember when CAPCOM wanted to release the GB games on the GameBoy Advance with upgraded colour support and all, but that never happened because they didn’t have all the source codes? I’m sure the fans haven’t forgotten. If CAPCOM would be a company that stood behind its grounds, they would release the GB games as one set named after [the] project, and then add the Xtreme games as two-in-one deal. Don’t expect to get anything special from these editions, unless CAPCOM suddenly decided[*decides] to reverse engineer the ROM images. We all know the chances of that happening. Why aren’t we hearing more news on this? Because CAPCOM isn’t doing anything for these games. As with most other VC releases of this kind, CAPCOM’ll just throw ROM images to the store and call it a day’s work. I’ll be surprised if they’ll do anything more than that. 

And they’re still doing absolutely nothing.

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