Music of the Month; Ys Healing

Falcom has a mission; even if their games are mediocre or bad, they make sure the player remembers the music. I wish I had my hands on their complete financial history, so I could see if they’re making more money on their music than they are making with their games. I’m almost sad that I can’t find 90’s rap songs from Ys that easily, unlike with Mega Man.

Video game music in general has no place of being stuck in the midi and FM era anymore. While it’s still nice to hear chiptunes in games here and then again, it is inexcusable to hear those WAH WAH samples in 2D Mario games. We’ve come pretty damn long way in getting synthetic samples sound like the real thing, and then we have to have somebody doing a half-assed job with them. It’s good to hear wide variety of styles and samples really, and as long as they’re putting enough effort and resources into what they’re making, we can be satisfied. That also then means that the companies need to put their best into the music every time. It’s a good principle; always do whatever you’re doing like it was the last thing, like it was your legacy to be.

But enough of that, these monthly musics are meant to be metaposts anyway so let’s talk a bit about the blog and what’s going on in the meat grinder. Lately the quality of the posts has been going down the drain mostly because of lack of time to polish them any further, so from the following week onward there will be one post per week until I can get my shit together and finish my work projects. This might be the worst way to aim for quality, but it’s the best option for me. Deep down, the blog is taking a lot of time from what really matters at this point. However, after this month I will return to the standard 2-posts in a week minimum. These work issues are also removing me from following some news, which is why there has been so scarcely news commentaries lately in comparison to many other things, and the reason why the mecha design project is halted… and why I haven’t managed to do any reviews I’ve devised. I need to keep cool and not lose my head.

I also need to address the Muv-Luv Alternative Integral Works book I scanned week or two ago. It’s a gray area, as I feel that this book seriously is worth purchasing and that I have now taken something away from âge, and that I’ve taken step into some sort of new age of pirating myself. On other hand, this is a source book that will never be released in the west, and by providing the scans I’ve given more people the option to expose themselves to this body of work. This is why I decided to share relatively mid-level 200dpi .jpeg as opposed to the 300dpi scans. To that I didn’t pay much attention to the intricate details, like colours being exactly the same from page to page. I hate to think that I’ve done something massively evil or something like that. Then again, I do own two copies of MLA IW now. As always, this is also free advertising for âge and as people get more exposed to the series, the interest should also rise. The money they get from West will be extremely marginal, but it’s still money nonetheless. So, buy MLA IW if you ever have the chance, as it’s a completely different thing to hold the book in your hands and see the posters that I completely forgot to scan. Nobody never asked me about those, interestingly enough.

Also, Total Eclipse sort-of review will be coming when I manage to watch it again with a friend, and more TSF things will come before Christmas if I can get my hands on some good fighter jet books and compare them to TSFs. No real promises here, but I’ll do some design comparisons at least.

Outside that, I’ve picked another thing to get my mind off stressful things with a kendama, the Japanese variation of cup-and-ball. Much like with mahjong, which I got into around ’97, kendama has been something that has interested me a lot, but only lately it has become internationally more popular, so now I could actually purchase one relatively locally, thus preventing steep overpricing. Seriously speaking, the masters of kendama are goddamn wizards. After one day my broken knees are starting to object as I’m using them a lot to move in a vertical axis, but I’m actually hopeful this will be helpful. It would be hilarious if a Japanese toy would fix some of my knee problems.

I also need to stop cooking. I’m used to cook for other people, so I tend to make too much food. That, and taste has been always an issue as I try to cook the best meal I can. This often causes an issue where I eat far too much compared to what I really need to eat. It has nothing to do with anything, it’s just something that I need to get out of my system so I that stop eating too much. I can halve delicious meals into smaller bits.

Outside that, at the moment I’m laughing at the overall reaction the gaming press is giving to Dragon’s Crown and its visual style. It’s hilarious to see the press getting worked up over how the characters are sexualised. Then again, I do agree that they’re going a bit over the top with this, but after you see the Sorceress running, all the sexualiation just shatters down due to how comical it is. Then again, I’m a guy who doesn’t see anything wrong in having a little bit of overall eroticism in anything as long it serves a purpose. Plus, I have to say that I find the game interesting, even if objectively looking it has many problems. I’m waiting for the European release on the October 11th. I’m expecting to be able to relive some of my memories with Gauntlet II with Dragon’s Crown.

Speaking of memories, I saw Pacific Rim today. My expectations for the flick were high, and the end result was mind-numbingly mediocre. I was expecting a more traditional robot vs monster movie, and what I got was incohesive flick that abandoned all hope at the start of Act 2. To add to that, there were unnecessary plot points all around and the main fight was far too long and took me out of the movie. It’s worrying that I found the fighting rather boring at times, which really takes you out of the movie. I’ve been afraid that CGI would cause this, as you don’t need to worry about real life sets and suits anymore, and Pacific Rim is an example of overblown quantity over quality. There’s an interesting world in the movie, but PacRim really should have been a live action sci-fi TV-series. This kind of world needs time to be properly explained in visuals rather than through discussion, which the movie is guilty of We hear that the monster blood causes environmental hazards, but it’s never addressed after that in any way. Even the scientist[s] handle monster body parts without gloves or hazard suits. This kind of thing happens all the time, and it’s actually at odds against itself at the end of the movie. While it’s useless to say that the plot was as flimsy as a hooker’s underwear, it needs to be said that the story is just weak, Is it enough to see giant robots duke it out with giant monsters? No, there needs to be a structure around it all, and the structure here was weak with the characters and all the inconsistencies. Too bad, I wanted to like Pacific Rim, but it’s one of those movies that I won’t watch again by myself. This was a trophy project, and it certainly felt like one. Oh well. But now I want a porn version of this called Pacific Trim, or Pacific Rimjob. 

Anyway, I’m in serious need of vacation at this point, and I might take one at some point. 

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