2DS and Music of the Month; Klendathu Assault

The 2DS is a weird thing. The announcement for it came exactly the week after I got my hands on a 2DS LL. Within this week I have managed to get some hands-on basis to see how different the LL was compared to 2DS, but it also coloured my judgment a bit, at least initially.

For a console that was sold as the glassless 3D machine and the true successor to the DS, the choice of abandoning the 3D and DS design is really strange. From business point of view this is very good. Cheaper console means more sales, and there are huge amount of people who will never give two damns about 3D function, so it’s not a loss at all. Hingeless design also drops the price point down a notch, as does the fact that there’s just one large screen there, of which the upper half is covered. It’s almost the console the main crowd has been expecting. Almost.

The 2DS is aimed at children under seven years old. However, a lot of older people who are into portable gaming have raised their voice to claim interest in the 2D. It’s not surprise that Nintendo aims 2DS’ release within the same window as the upcoming Pokémon X/Y. Parents are more inclined to buy cheaper console for kids to play it on. Personally, I’m through with Pokémon, and I’m cutting my bad game habit with them. I didn’t even like B/W/2 games, and I feel a bit dumb about having them in the first place, but that’s past and no use of crying over them now. Might as well enjoy them the best I can, just like I had to do with Red Ninja.

The 2DS model is released only in US and Europe. In Japan there’s no need to release it, as the 3DS is doing there better. This tells that Nintendo managed to design a console mostly just for Japan, and in Japan the 3DS sees so much better support and released games that it’s not even funny. It’s like the Sega Saturn of handheld consoles in this regard.

I strongly hope that this the 2DS is also showing Nintendo’s realization that the 3D is not the way to go, and their next handheld console will not follow the 3DS way, but will realize the same ideology that the GameBoy was based on, and the later parts of the DS; simple and no gadgets console with high amounts of good games. I admit that at this moment the 3DS has very small library of games that are attractive, and the only reason I bought mine was to play Sayonara Umihara Kawase. Then again, I found my machine for 150€, which is cheaper than a locally bought machine.

Well, let’s get back to the main program; the music of the Month

I wonder if anyone remembers the rules; whenever there’s a Muv-Luv reference, you take a shot

âge’s music general is like this. Some songs in their library are intentionally composed to spoof or invoke the exact same feeling as some other known piece. The above pieces are good example of this; the Klendathu Drop is very well known piece in the sci-fi circuits and how powerful piece it is. Assault Landing from Muv-Luv Alternative is very similar in scene, as Alternative is also about bugwar, âge seemed to want to invoke Klendathu Drop. The keys are a bit different and the overall composition shifts key elements here and there, but it keeps the core; heavy brass instruments combined with strings. I’d love to hear Assault Landing by real philharmonic orchestra.

The thing is, even if you don’t know the Klendathu Drop, Assault Landing still manages to hit you in the chest. It delivers both as a fanservice and as a standalone piece.

That’s one thing I really hate whenever I’m starting to write that review of Total Eclipse. Yes, I’ve had few pages written down already that I deleted, because the background information kept creeping in. The best possible review anyone can deliver is based on objective viewpoint, where none of the personal issues appear. With the Castelvania; Lord of Shadows DLC review I had no knowledge how harshly the devs were pressed to bring the DLC out, and if I had know the beforehand it would’ve coloured the review too much. This is why I insist on watching all of TE with a friend who knows nothing of Muv-Luv beforehand, as her reaction will not be coloured by prior knowledge of the universe or any behind the scenes issues I’m aware of. However, I have intentions of bringing that TE review this month. I have to save some room for the Kimi ga Nozomu Eien post later this year as well, and I already have a nice idea what I’m going to write about.

To add more meta to this post, I have to continue this one-post-per-week schedule for the following month as well. After that I hope to return to our usual business of two posts per week.

There was also beer brewed with lemon and lime in our booze shop. I hope it’s good. If you ever find Asahi’s Lemon Beer, I really recommend giving it a go. When I was in Japan with my friend, I emptied a vending machine of it in less than a week.

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