Music of the Month; Deep Space

Sorry if you expected something from Star Trek

As previously, these posts have been reserved for monthly meta to fulfill related and unrelated dumps on multiple issues. There be three things that we’ll most likely see this month.

First thing first, I’ll strive for that two posts in a week again. This is not due to any increase in news and happenings, but to get to the same level of output I’ve been using for the last two years or so. However, my life has become a bit too busy for my own comfort, so don’t rule out to have weeks where there’s just one post. I’m having few other big things coming up, and I’ve been drafted into few other projects as well. On other hand it’s good that I’m getting my hands full of things to do, but the readers of this site might notice how it hurts the blog.

Secondly, I’m determined to make a post about Muv-Luv this month, but the subject is unknown as of now. Total Eclipse ‘retrospect’ is reserved for the next month, so this time you’ll most likely get something about the main trilogy/duology. Don’t expect discussion about the mechs thou. I know that the Chronicles  04 is out and it’s the hottest shit in the fandom at the moment, but at this time I can’t do any sort of comprehensive writing on The Day After mostly because TDA has not peaked my interest.

The franchise is an interesting point actually, as it has somewhat stagnated while still being in strong motion. On one hand the series is expanding, but people who got into the bandwagon with Total Eclipse most likely won’t find much interest what Chronicles 04 had to offer due to âge basically giving too many side stories attention. By that I mean that while the original story is finished, it is by no means natural to suggest that fans of Total Eclipse will have any interest to know what happens in The Day After or Schwarzesmarken. While they’re pretty interesting stories and all that, they have little to no relevance to Total Eclipse. Except the Master may be or may not be a character from Schwarzesmarken, but even then it’s good question if these people have any interest to see the story he comes from, especially if it doesn’t carry any themes or characters of Total Eclipse. Often it’s a good idea to keep the fans tightly next to you and serve them what they would like to have to a certain extent, so we can always ask if âge has certain necessity to continue with the Total Eclipse storyline. Personally I would say that joining both Alternative’s and Total Eclipse’s sequels into the possible Alternative 2 would be a decent idea.

It seems that âge is coming out with a full fledged TDA release in the near future, and I hope they’ll decide to add all the previous stories to the release as a separate disc. If the episodes we’ve gotten thus far have been essential, then this prelude needs to be included. In limited market such as this it would be stupid to assume that all the newcomers are able get their hands on Chronicles 1-3, and then we have the question if âge even wants to promote those due to the pornographic content they have as they’ve been pretty clear in their actions to clean all explicit sexual content from their products. It’s my personal taste that sex within a story doesn’t make it any worse, no matter how explicit it is as long as it’s relevant and well written, but it’s true that the larger audience out there won’t agree with me.

Third thing we’ll possibly see this month is a short post about Dragon’s Crown in comparison to Gauntlet and few beat-em-ups. That, or we’ll check what kind of first episode Gaist Crusher had. I’m sure CAPCOM’s hitting themselves when they are looking at the amount of money Mighty No.9 has managed to amass from Kickstarter, but it would be more accurate to assume that CAPCOM’s not giving much attention to it outside the possible copyright issues, as the game is rather shameless copy of Mega Man. Either those two, or I’ll finally push the Laserdisc player review out. That’s almost a year late. It’s my issue with the tech and has nothing to do with anything else except few larger issues which I can’t wrap my head around or I can’t find confirmations to few issues I’m having.

If you see any ads or commercials within this blog, do keep in mind that I don’t advertise. WordPress has chosen my blog to be part of some sort of program where certain blogs see ads from various companies. I don’t gain anything from it, so if you see one, block it. I’m sure by recommending to do that I’m breaking some rules an regulations but I don’t give a damn. The only ad like feed I’m running is the Play-Asia newscast. That exists mainly to give out a completely another kind of perspective what’s going on a very skin deep level.

Actually, there’s one thing that we definitively have to discuss about; the Megavolutions in Pokémon XY.

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