Top Five of 2013

I thought I’d play a little and make a list of Top Five games I played during 2013. There’s a catch however; these games are not in any order and are just regarded as the five games I played all year.

Riki Densetsu for the 3DS

To be honest, this list could just be bunch of new-old releases on the 3DS, like the whole damn Sega 3D series. Riki Densetsu takes the spot because it’s perhaps the one game I had most fun with. It’s simple, short and cheap. If you’ve ever played a non-sports Kunio/ River City Ransom game, you know what to expect; punching street punks and taking names. Riki is nicely straightforward how it presents itself and doesn’t strict the player too much, as you are free to buy new moves as soon as you are able to. Then customizing Riki into your own form of Fist of the North Star feels nice. Just enabling all possible moves didn’t fit me all that nice, but it’s great to know that the option exists.

Next to this, Riki Densetsu puts slightly new coat of paint over Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun SPECIAL with tweaked HUD and menus. Overall, Riki Densetsu has all the things fixed that Kunio-kun SPECIAL felt lacking, even thou Kunio-kun SPECIAL is the more wholesome game of the two. If Kunio-kun SPECIAL were ever to see western release, I hope that they will either bundle Riki Densetsu with it or simultaneously release it on eShop. For a 500yen game, I got way too much fun out of it.

Sayonara Umihara Kawase for the 3DS

The reason I even wanted to purchase the 3DS, so it naturally got on the list. While Umihara Kawase is the very definition of a niche game, it’s also one of the most enjoyable games out there, until you get stuck into one stage and have to spend a month to get through of it.

New additions include new stage elements and completely rehauled stage designs, and now you can pick between four different characters that have their own special powers ranging from slowing down time to allowing the player to continue from a checkpoint, as well as some slight changes between the ropes. This allows new and old players to choose the most suitable way to play the game. I personally forgot all about the special skills and character changes until the very end of the game.

Much like any other game in the series, Sayonara has demanded perfect coding with its physics and the devs did a great job. The Japanese fan community has found some small things how to abuse the engine, but overall coding in the game is spot on. Well, almost. While the 3D is on, there’s some obvious framerate issues, which can mess up with your timing. Despite these issues, the game goes to my personal best because how fun it is. It’s the best farewell to the series.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance for PS3/360/ now for Steam too

I never really was that interested in Metal Gear or Solid games, but out of habit I played through them. Revengeance was really nice breeze of fast paced and simple action in a series known for its slow pace. It’s just as over the top as the rest of the Metal Gears, this time we just see how the ninja characters act. I remember seeing and hearing people wanting a whole Cyber Ninja game after finishing Metal Gear Solid, and this game is it. I find it laughable that there are people dismissing this game because of its plot. That’s like not going to a ball game because the newspaper it was announced in is shit. Anyway, it’s a game that you can turn to the most difficult setting and challenge it from the get go. After that, beating the game with the unlockable difficulty is best.

What makes Revengeance one of the better releases this year is that it doesn’t overstay its welcome, but is always ready to get into action whenever you feel like slicing up some bad guys again.

Good music too, albeit half of it is forgettable. I guess I don’t need to go deep what the game is all about, you can see hundreds of reviews of it at places like Classic Gaming Room.

Aquapazza for the PS3

I completely had forgotten that this game was released in the West, and when it arrived on my doorstep I was wondering what the hell was it. To my surprise, Aquapazza is a very competent fighting game that captured me. It’s fast, methodical and all kinds of awesome. While the cast can be rather limited to some, it allows the player to customise every character with their Helper much like in Arcana Heart. The cast is pretty damn unique, and every character has their own way to play them. I liked to see a fast grappler with a nice non-grappling attacks too in this game. Naturally, the anime theme it has going on will put a lot of people off, and I see very few people getting into it. Too bad really.

Anyway, not only the game has a nice character balance, but they feel good because the controls are pretty damn tight. EXAMU usually has made very 90’s like games with proper refining, and Aquapazza is no exception. It actually feels that Aquapazza is one of the better games from them, but that’s just good. Companies should make their previous games obsolete with every new game they put out.

Money Idol Exchanger for the PSone /also on Arcade and GameBoy

I’m surprised that this game still has tournaments about it, but that just tells how faithful its cult followers are.

Sometimes you get stuck on a game that’s insanely hard and you can’t let go until you’ve beaten it into a pulp. Money Idol Exchanger did that to me. I just wanted to beat it fair and square, and noticed that I began losing six hours a day just to beat the game’s hardest difficulties. It’s not a bullshit difficulty, it’s just hard. It’s a puzzle game that made my arm hurt from too much button tapping, and really works the best with an arcade controller. The English Neo-Geo release has some standard Engrish in it, but that doesn’t take away the fact that this game is surprisingly fast paced and cruel. A great game to play with friends.

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