Music of the Month; ROCK CAFE

The music will hit in around 10s mark

A good hat is hard to replace. A good hat will serve its wearer for years and years and will be sitting atop one’s head almost like a crown. Good hats, the ones that sit on your head just the perfect way and have the look you want are rare. You can find that One Hat only once or  twice a decade.

When you are in need for a new hat, then you have a problem. You need a hat, but it can never be just another hat, unless you have no standards are wear whatever you happen you find. No, the new hat has to be better; it needs to outclass and replace your old hat. That’s the hard bit. Be it sentimental reasons or for practicality, you never really find yourself That One Hat easily. When you see and wear That Hat once, you will know that this is what you must buy.

The hat you replace your old one has to do just that; replace it in every and any way. There are hats that do that and they are bountiful. Just may need to look for them a bit because of changing fashion and trends.

Makes me wonder why the hell video game developers can’t be assed to make products to replace and make old games unnecessary? Almost twenty six years later we still haven’t seen Super Mario Bros. 3 killer.  C’mon industry, let us see some of that variety and old-game killing spree you used to have. Nowadays you devs are always saying We don’t want to replace the original, but… and I have to ask Then why the hell are you even making this new game?

But hats are more important than video games, or entertainment in general. Hats are your friend. They protect you, keep you warm and reasonably cool, in necessary, and make even the worst looking men have some dignity… if the hat is selected properly that is. A damned fedora won’t make a gutless whimp into anything cool. There are hats for everyone out there, not just one, and choosing the wrong hat will make you look foolish.

I, for once, am able to say that newsboy caps are for me, and that’s a word from yours truly, and not from the writer’s persona.

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