Music of the Month: Lancaster

Burning your hands because of you were thinking of certain special is all OK, right?

It’s been one busy month, and it shows. I hope I can manage to do a nice review on two pinball games during the weekend before I dive into more unpleasant matters again. Well, it’s a late monthly music and meta ranting time.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 was released just the other week, and while I would be interested to check it out due to the first game, I am afraid that has to wait until summer as I have no home consoles at my current whereabouts. It seems to be more or less more the same than LoS with more open world, which can be a turn off for yours truly, but you never know how pleasant a game is before you sit down with it and play it. That’s a dirty lie to some extent, as that’s hugely biased way to see it.

Bias has been an interesting thing lately. We all are too close to certain subjects and people that we become blind to the forest. We only see the trees we’re standing next to. I’ve been wondering whether or not I have personally this bias to some matters I handle here (the answer is yes) but seeing how I try to go my way to the other extreme in writing, it might be the best for me to try and find a proper middle ground between the personal opinions ans the authorial intent I have with this blog. Perhaps I’ll cut back on the provocations a bit, sometimes the jokes and wording I tend to use feel far to juvenile even for me.

Nevertheless, you can see bias happening pretty much everywhere. Just recently Desucon compared to their conventions’ content to finely made steak meal, and showed a stock photo of a stock steak. Their bias towards their view on how things should be and what they value the most has already clashed with their customer group, and the way they announced what their target market group will be henceforth was not only pompous, but very dramatically stupid too. While I have no qualms about anyone aiming to market a deluxe or premium product with higher price tag to smaller audience, the content and the money gained from the product needs to raise itself to the same level. Whether or not changing all-ages convention into adults-only was a great idea is up to the customers. I see no reason to visit their convention because of their content; it has been more or less completely dire and incredibly derivative.

However, I have to wonder whether or not they would be the convention that would allow larger Eastern pop-culture to be showcased rather than just comics and animation. It is very awkward to go to a convention that is supposed to celebrate regional popular culture, and then disregards major parts of it for no good reason. One of the reason why e.g. tokusatsu is not a subject to be showcased is that it is silly, according to the bush radio. Well, we all know how that holds up the water.

The new Godzilla trailer came out recently as well, and while I initially planned on making a whole post if it, I decided against it for now. Godzilla’s new design bugs me out with that short, stumpy nose of his and legs that seem to be cut from a tree with a chainsaw. According to the spoilers we are getting a very big Godzilla as well as rather weak one. I read the spoilers after seeing the trailer and it further solidified my first impression; this new Godzilla movie is very much like the Gamera Trilogy. Problem here is that Showa Gamera movies are not really all that good, they’re B-versions of Showa Godzilla, which was pretty bad most of the time. The Gamera Trilogy took all that was good in Gamera and made it better. It didn’t embrace the funny self-humour it could’ve done, but took the basic premise and spindled a proper web around it. The new Godzilla seems to miss the point of what Godzilla is, and while we do get nuclear testing, it turns out all of them were more or less intentional attempts on killing Godzilla. Rather, we get to see him part of a larger species with all the bones that are uncomfortably  similar what we saw in the Gamera trilogy, and the description of the fights seemingly mirror Gamera’s fights. All this from a short trailer is really stupid, I know. However, first impressions count a lot, and I hope that I made a very good one recently.

Speaking of trailers, take a look at the original Godzilla trailer.

What I found interesting here is how much they show the monster, even thou at times it is hard to make out its specific shapes. In contrast to this the new trailer doesn’t want you to see Godzilla but in flashes, but at this point we all know how Godzilla is supposed to look. Rather than keep it a dull surprise, they should celebrate Big G’s return and show him in its full glory. The new trailer latched a thorn into my side with its end, where they tease with Godzilla’s classic roar, and it never comes out, unless the roar after that tease is complete. If this is the case that they made that tease just to lampoon the roar and have it there as a joke, it was in very bad taste and was empty. When tampering with an iconic character like Godzilla, especially the Vs Monster kind, there are requirements that need to be ticked, and one of them is Do not make the iconic things look bad or poke fun at them. There’s parodies and other places for that, and a there where the icon returns from hiatus is not one of those. American comic industry has problems with this, especially with certain characters that are almost hundred years old now.

I find it sad that most if not all hardcore giant monster movie fans are expecting a monster mash. Godzilla was something more than a couple of dolls beating each other up. There is a reason why the original movie is regarded best one in the series and is celebrated as a films among other ground breaking titles from that era. I can’t see this new Godzilla being better because it still misses the point what made the original so good. I bet it will be a good action movie, and I seriously hope it will be far superior to Pacific Rim, which I surprisingly disliked to an extreme.

Before I decide if I am going to see this in theatres, which might be a direct yes as I haven’t seen a Godzilla movie in a theatre in years, I will wait patiently for further information.

Also, my editor is taking a trip in Japan, so you’ll have to live with all my unedited stuff for the time. Cheers!

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