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After finishing my first foray into Honorverse with On Basilisk Station and loving every page of it, I began wondering what kind of attitude would I have towards the H.Harrington series if I had started with a later instalment in the series. The first novel is very slow and methodical with sparse action and even then most of it is rather one-sided, but even then the pages kept rolling onwards. As I understand, the later novels are far more action packed, which may or may not add more colour to my newfound interest in the series. A well-written novel, sequel or not, is able to convey the story, characters and events to old and new readers alike. Veterans of a series will, of course, get more kicks from referencing past events while new readers get the necessary background information in an intrusive way. Of course, reading the previous parts can be very much recommended, but even then a skilled writer is able to convey the world and its details in most camouflaged ways to the reader without pages after pages of exposition.

The same applies to films as well. A sequel can and should be able stand with its own two feet and be taken as it is, but just as with literature, a sequel movie needs to be made a standalone entity that can be accessed without prior knowledge. Star Wars Episode IV is a great example of this, as Episode III didn’t even exist at the time, and yet we got all the information needed to be invested in the story and the world. I would argue that Empire Strikes Back is the same way, and through my years of exposing people to Star Wars, I’ve seen this true.

Then, if we are to compare and contrast computer and video games to literature and films, shouldn’t they be kept to the same standards?

Take a moment, dear reader, and listen to Basil Poledouris.

If the upcoming Honor Harrington movie does takes a proper form, I would like to hear something Poledouris would’ve composed. There is strength in there that mirrors Honor’s own character

With the release of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, there has been some attention to IGN’s… less than objective article about what’s wrong with it. Google it if you have you feel need to, but it’s not worth the effort to read all the way through. However, there has been a point that got fans of the series stand up, which was that the writer of the article didn’t understand the overall things why she should have given a damn about what happens to a character named Paz. That, and the age-old devices of defiling someone else’s body, but that’s not I’m going to get into.

Rather, it’s the fans reaction of demanding people to play the previous games to know who and what these characters were, and my first and foremost question after seeing this was Why. If we indeed want to make comparisons between literature and films, I would expect any and all games to be an entity of themselves,separate pieces of a whole puzzle in their respective series. I see no reason for fans, the customers, to go out of their way out and demand that people need to go back to previous instalments in order to enjoy the latest piece. No, this is a reason why hardcore gaming crowd is so venomous to the industry, and their way to worship a person or a company and their product to the extent that they are willing to turn a complete blind eye to a serious flaw within the game.

If Ground Zeroes indeed doesn’t give Paz characterization that would allow new players to create an emotional bridge to her, I see this is a failure of the developers. This seems to be the case.

I do hate raising an issue of games and storytelling, because games still don’t tell a story. Their film clips and text dumps do. They’re like an aftertaught that was there in the first place, a thing that ties arbitrary gameplay sections together. But for now, I’ll set aside my animosity against the thought. Let’s even forget that games are supposed to be games foremost and let’s avoid talking about the game itself.

How many people played Metal Gear before Metal Gear Solid? Vast majority of people across my friend circle started with Solid, and be it either ignorance or something else, they never saw a reason to play Metal Gear, Snake’s Revenge or MG2 Solid Snake.Personally, I did start with the NES Metal Gear, as during the time I had no clue what MSX even was. I doubt many people did, and calling other players to do otherwise might be hypocritical in moreways than one. A willingly turned blind eye to the serious flaws within Ground Zeroes storytelling has caused this uproar. It is nothing but shoddy writing and fault of the writer if characters are not fleshed out enough. This is different kind of bad writing Metal Gear series is usually known for, as fans are open to make mockery of it themselves as well.

And these people, like most who call themselves as hardcore gamers, should shut their traps and weigh what has been said and evaluate it properly rather than go intoblind rage in their forums and messaging boards. If I may use strong words here, that most likely will convey far more extreme emotions than intended, these customers are despised little shits that need to go out and get something worth living for. The very reason I put this harshly is because these little pricks are the main reason the game industry is having hard times, and why there has been very little to no significant progress with new games and the mixing of arcade, console and computer to an impure degree has turned once promising industry into a miserable and pitiable heap of raggidy dogs fighting over the same damn gnawed bone rather than peering over the fence and seeing all the possibilities there are. It doesn’t help that the gnawed bone itself screams and kicks for attention, unwavering on its status as an untouchable being and yet wanting to be splintered in the glorious and high teeth of the dogs.

Rather than going the way of my previous hundred marks and their take on the customer, I have less hope here. Customer types are easy to be dealt with under proper methods and procedures. However, when including the human element, the customer group can become very loathsome and undesired people. I hold no contempt towards these people in person, but they argue for the case of anyone having to always go through the past productions in order to enjoy the current one. Rather than antagonizing a fellow consumer for a matter than they disagree with you, these people should see that there are more ways than the one the writer/developer does and there’s no reason to lick their boots in hopes for more. Yet, they gladly take the blue pill and stay in the rabbit hole. This is, by far, and I quote; Absolutely fucking retarded.


And to add just to be sure; I don’t do April Fools.

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