Don’t mix politics with your video games

A long time ago I decided to stay away from most of the political correct stuff the electronic games industry has met during the last half decade or so. This is simply because a lot of it is just stupid white background noise that has little no impact on the actual subject matter itself.

However, I’ll take a comment on the recent news Nintendo not including same sex marriages in their life simulation Tomodachi life. Use your favourite search engine if you want to read about it. It’s a bit up there, and most of the news are sensational clickbates to an extent.

I’ll make this short and simple first; if you get rivalled up because of his, you need to get a proper life.

Personally, I don’t care whatever your tendencies for anything or what you are as long as it does not harm anyone else, and I’d prefer that it wouldn’t harm you either. However, if you have enough time to start bitching about depictions of matters in games, you should have enough time to direct your attention to things that have more matter, such as world hunger, the continuing decrease of polar bears’ living space, the lack of space exploration or poverty.

People who seem to include their own self-justifying, somewhat political correct views on electronic games nowadays don’t seem to care about anything else and are putting more and more emphasize on ruining everybody else’s fun. It’s not just about depiction of homosexuals in games, but also the whole modern feminism movement, which is a matter I won’t even touch any further than this post. While these self driven people point out points how eg. women are not depicted properly in games, they seem to miss than practically nothing is depicted properly in games.  A lot of people are missing the point that games really are not trying to make a point, unless there’s a level of satire included in the game. Games like Super Mario are for harmless fun, and something like Killer 7 can be argued to make a comment on the (then) current human state.

Most of these people who raise unnecessary attention to trivial matters are either immensely hardcore gamers, or target games due to how easy it is to get attention in the so called video game journalism. They are making a fuss about things that barely matter.

Electronic entertainment is about having a break, to have a pause from the daily life and have some fun. I do not wish to discuss, hear or speak of politics or other similar shit when it comes to video games. I go to play when I want to get rid of it for a moment. With the increasing amount of politics being pushed in to the game scenery, my enjoyment of games has already diminished. Hell, I’d rather aim for a petition to remove these rivalled up people from the game scenery.

Or even better, start a movement that is against bad gameplay.  Now that’s something everybody could get behind.

And that’s an important point, really.

Games that go for the modern counter culture that depict gay marriage are also the games that include shooting whores in the head after having a quick one in the car, like the GTA series. These games are not meant for everybody and only people who call themselves adults should have access to them. A sim like Tomodachi Life is a different product, that can’t go on it’s way to depict currently complex issue. Rather than arming yourself and getting on the barricades to forcefully include one’s own values into larger scene, a slow education and discussion is needed. Homosexuality is a huge barrier in our modern day life, and while it is increasingly more accepted than earlier, there needs to be a gradual paradigm shift before it becomes a wholly natural thing in everybody’s daily life and something people don’t need to get rivalled up. On the other hand, there is also the question whether or not it should be accepted as a norm. Arguments go both ways and I’m supporting neither side.

From a business point of view, adding a homosexual element to Tomodachi Life would be a business suicide. The amount of people going to buy the game for that alone is smaller than the amount of people who would not buy it for the exact same reason. It would not sell the product more. Not only that, but the reputation of Nintendo as a company who caters to everybody in the family would take a huge hit, perhaps even destroy it, if things went for the worst.

With games, business should always trump over forced politics.

That’s another point; it is just a game, a piece of entertainment. Getting upset about this is useless, and as mentioned, there are huge amounts of subjects that could use more attention and more people putting their effort in solving macro-issues.

Hell, every single time I bitch about CAPCOM making a shit decision, I feel a sting in my heart because I know that the issue I’m writing about means jack shit in the larger scale. I hope the people who try to push politics, be it pro-homo or extreme feminism, into games will also realize the small scale they’re working in.

Politic and games are like 12-year old whisky and coke. You really shouldn’t mix them because you kill the taste in both of them, yet a lot of people still keep doing it for whatever reasons they may have.

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