A meeting with an animator

Today I was sitting in a design studio working on a 3D model of an Uzbek knife for 3D printing and rehearsal. It was a silent day as most of the students here just finished with their final thesis presentations. As such, all the visitors the studio had was few and rare.

However, there was one animation student who had some life experience behind him looking for some help to cut some of his presentation paper. Well, as a service person I left my work for a moment to make measurements to his work and properly cutting with one of the worst cutters I have joy to use.

What’s the point in this? The man used to be a painter, an artist by his words.

We talked about creativity within field of design and animation, and he agreed that using the word creativity is dangerous. While this man did hold back from completely agreeing, like any sensible person would, he did saw the value from both sides. He put the difference between his paintings and his new studies with animation like this;

Creative painting is free and I always could do whatever I wanted, whereas I’ve found that with animation I need to take care of what I do; I need to check the measurements and make it right and better time after time because it’s not just for myself. With animation, I have to face the reality and try to become a master craftsman in what I do.

After this, he had to leave to return his presentation paper.

If we have people like him aiming to become masters in order to go beyond, then there is a glimmer of hope. That glimmer tells that there should be people who think the same way.

However, he said something that I had never stopped to wonder before; as an animator he had to face reality. This reality he mentions is nothing but real life, the places we all work and where we need to make ends. We are here, interacting with each other. Often you hear and see artists being in he league of their own, that they are special and unique in ways that we can’t understand. That’s all good and fine, and that also means that these same people usually live in the cloud castles and are removed from the daily lives of people who pay money for their art.

You can’t remove yourself from reality if you wish to make your living through it. Of course, there are people who are willing to fellate these artist and enforce the delusions. It’s not just creators need to aim to make past works obsolete, but those who are willing to dosh the cash needs to enforce that as well by demanding high quality.

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