A shorthand guide to Dragon Slayer series

With the release of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC, I’ve seen a lot of people ask what is this whole The Legend of Heroes series. Of course, this also leads into the question what is the Dragon Slayer series.

I decided to put up a chart of most Dragon Slayer related games. There are some conscious omissions, like most console and mobile ports of Sorcerian. There’s enough games as it is. I’m sure it has an error or two in it, but it should suffice for anyone wanting to know more about the strange construction how the series goes according to Falcom.

[Edit 07.09.2016]


Click for the full size version

This is the thirteenth revision for the chart. Changes include added data in form of release years and systems, added Sorcerian releases and missing Lord Monarch entries. Shin Eiyuu Densetsu has been added. Some source informations that people may want to check out have been listed as well, and I do recommend checking the Sorcerian site out, it’s bloody awesome and made Sorcerian dates less a chore, unlike with others. There is a conscious omission or two still, like Legends of Xanadu’s Korean DOS port, and Chinese and Korean PC ports of some of the Kiseki games. This chart does concentrate on Japanese and Western releases, so keep that in mind. Future charts may include a requested info if there exists fan translations on the games, but that requires some research on my part as well. Latest addition is Tokyo Xanadu eX+.



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