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Kick up that bass and listen to the whole Soundtrack. That’s some damn fine Mega Drive FM music. I recommend listening to music from Stages 2 and 3 at least

TechnoSoft used to be one of my favourite game studios out there. Well, that’s not exactly correct. A lot of games I enjoyed were made by TechnoSoft but I had no idea about that. I miss the days when only Nintendo games existed. Nobody cared who or what made the games. We saw no faces, just the logo of the company and that was often enough. Hell, the consumers didn’t even know about Nintendo being a Japanese console to a very large extent. It might sound laughable now, but it doesn’t matter worth shit where or when the company is from. It’s equal discrimination; everybody gets the same treatment without any special favours. Of course, the hardcore knew and will always scoff at people for not knowing things he does. Then we always have to ask how much that matters, which results in an immediate answer of It doesn’t. The thing goes both ways, naturally. Some people are walking encyclopaedias of sports or music. Some know wood or steel, and some can list all the stars in the sky. Different people have different interests.

However, the moment the developers began act like super rock star vampire killers, they forgot that fame also brings infamy. Being on the spotlight is something you need to practice and master. If you’re going to call the people you’re developing and selling your products for idiots or anything else negative, be prepared for the consequence. Of course, you don’t need to say anything positive about them, but it’s better to have good relations with the people who pay your salary.

For the last to weeks or so I’ve wanted to make a post about something nice, something very positive and perhaps even mood lifting, but as usual the events have gone against these plans. The situation in Ukraine has been rather alarming for a long time now, and things are getting worse all the time. That is news that you should pay more attention than on what the video game industry is or is not doing. They’re completely worthless in comparison to the real and evident armed conflict in East Europe. If we’re to speak at a ground level, An entertainment industry like electronic games, despite being a million dollar business, is worthless thing compared to numerous lives lost and the tension the event is putting between Russia and their Western friends. However, I am not the right person to speak of the event in any greater detail. All I can wish for a quick and satisfactory solution for the Ukrainian situation despite recognizing how impossible that is.

However, despite that I do need to continue handling the events that are going on with the hobby most of my readers share with me. The game industry has seen brighter days, and it seems things have just gotten not just more ridiculous but also far more offending towards the customers. The corruption and denial has smeared the whole gaming press with a red paint and the press is not even trying to wash the paint off. They would rather smear more paint on themselves in an angry motion. Many developers have voiced their support for the larger industry despite the shown corruption rather than distancing and making a statement not to follow suit. It’s not surprising that the industry refuses to speak of the matter. After all, it would mean that they would admit being corrupted and using relations to screw with the market. Sometimes quite literally.

The industry, both developers and the press, has now attacked their customers directly. Nintendo with their condescending attitude towards the very people who made them successful and ditching people who are ready to suck up over every little thing they do. The press has been voicing their want to end the gamer.

If the industry would end the gamer, then who is left in the market? Any medium has their consumers. Books have readers, TV and movie have watchers, and games have the people who play. The only reason the industry would even want to annihilate the gamer is if they want to redefine what a game in itself is. The problem is that the industry can’t define what a game is. That is the customers’ right and duty.

That said, there are numerous different sites and sources stating the same thing; death to gamer, death to our customer. This is not a coincidence, but further evidence how deep the incestuous relationship between any and all people in the industry is. It’s also completely apparent that all of these posts are based on the same idea and core, something a PR company would do. I would not be surprised if a PR company was behind driving the press’ and developers’ agenda further. and putting all blame on the customers. This won’t go well; an industry can’t exist without its customers. Perhaps we, the gamers, should end the industry. No, not perhaps. I would be glad to advocate the complete and total devastation of current electronic game industry if it meant a complete clean slate that would allow a healthy industry to grow from the burnt ashes.

Perhaps it’s the macro-economics that is allowing all these social justice people into the industry. Because the industry can’t deny their entry, they’re able to install their politics into games. It’s no wonder that games with political content with a driving message have a lousy success. It’s bullshit anyway. The whole social justice warrior group consists nothing short of social rejects with no real life, and these people are forcing their degenerated views on people who don’t give a damn about it. The mainstream has far more healthy view on issues than a tumblr users in their own little circles. The saying Go get some fresh air would apply to these keyboard warriors perfectly.

The customer has all the power in this event. By ignoring the developers and the press altogether and bringing forth more information on issues with the industry, the customers are able to voice their stand on the issue. Discussion needs to encouraged, but the most important thing the customers can do is vote with their wallet. On the long run any and all industries need to bent over the lack of money, or wither away.

Electronic game industry has failed at customer service with devastating results to their image. That said, why the hell are the game players called gamers? Readers and watchers, players would make complete sense.

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