Destroying what you can’t suppress

I thought that I’d leave GamerGate as a subject where it is at the moment, but the events that have taken place during the week just baffle me to no end. Especially the latest push that essentially shows how the game press has a cabal to suppress the proper issues at hand.

There are numerous sites that are effectively censoring and suppressing proper discussion on the subjects of conflicts of interest with these so-called journalists as well as the corruption that takes place. Sites like Kotaku, Destructoid and GiantBomb have been, effectively speaking, worthless in their content. The aformentioned sites and the ones connected to them on an industry level are systematically pushing their own agenda across the board. They have blacklisted and done every dirty PR trick in the book. It’s a laughable attempt at destroying the thing you can’t suppress. If they would be successful doing that, it would mean they managed to destroy the people they were making money of. It’s a self-defeating situation.

The situation with GamerGate is screwed in many ways, mainly how the customers have always been painted in negative colours across the board. Not just recently, but always. The general population has a negative view on people who play electronic games as a hobby, and thus the black painting has no effect. However, every time the news is pushed out how the gamers have done something good, that’s a plus for us. That’s a huge negative impact to the sites panning on the customers. Every time the customers put out something new that shows more of the links between developers and press, it’s the press that is put in a very bad light.

These people have everything to lose. It’s all about their reputation and careers for them, but the customer doesn’t care about those. The customer cares only about how well they are able to do their work as journalists. At this point, they are everything but. Every single person who are part of the Game Journalism Professionals should be fired. There’s no gray zone here at all; all of these people are practising rotten journalism and have conspired together against the consumers through deceit and corruption.

Discussion of this topic needs to be enforced, not quelled. It’s a travesty that certain infamous sites have began to censor the discussion. Even the Internet Hate Machine, the place that was once called the last Wild West on the Internet, seems to have gone upside down and deletes threads all around. That is not healthy.

These people have put themselves into the spotlight, and now that they are treated like the rockstars they wanted to be, they’re acting like cowards rather than facing the consequences of their actions. I don’t care about these people, but I care about their actions and their actions have been the worst.

Outside having discussions and bringing the subject forth even more than it already is, the only proper thing a customer to do is to move with their best weapon; money. All these sites and people get money as they are visited. To make press these sites to correct their misbehaviour is to diminish their revenue. Call out sites like Kotaku on their bullshit actions and spread the word of better alternatives that are willing to handle the matters in objective manner and allow free discussion. Sites like Techraptor or Gamesnosh are perfect alternatives with vastly better articles to boot. Hell, if you want some good game reviews, go follow Lord Karnage on Youtube. Their brand has not been tarnished by anything negative, and the moment they are called out on something they have done, their reaction will define them. Mailing the companies that are associated with them about the whole debacle will make a difference and refraining to support their products will hit them as well. No company wants to be associated with a brand that’s brandished with corruption.

The whole issue wasn’t even personal to begin with. However, the gaming press took all the outed information and criticism as personal attacks like bunch of juvenile kids and now have allowed the thing to grow larger. The customers have one shot to make their stand and voice their will. If these people are allowed to continue in the same fashion they’ve been doing things for a long time now, not only the customer will be further oppressed by the industry but the industry will grow very stale and rot from inside out.

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