Monthly Music; The Complete History of the Soviet Union

I wish I could take credit for foreshadowing this song earlier this week, but alas, I can’t. Anyway, Monthly Music also means metaposting.

Few changes have been about. The comment section policy has been revised to ensure I won’t go and practice unneeded censorship, but I trust all commentators will practice civil manner.

As some may have seen, the logo atop the page has changed again. As usual, I will most likely change it with time, until I have found something that looks actually half decent.

There may be few breaks in posting here and there in the upcoming weeks due to real life events coming up.

Regarding Muv-Luv, Total Eclipse PC version has seen a release and seems to have nice amounts of new content and tweaked CGs. Some of them are extremely well done, as usual, while others still look baffling. Comparing between the editions’ CGs, it’s pretty clear how rushed the console versions were in the end. It looks like âge still can’t manage their timetables properly, which may reflect to their budget and income in this low economic times.

Still, I had to give TE PC edition a pass despite my initial plans. At least for now. I had a series of breakdowns, from the microwave oven to clothes washing machine and my glasses, which enforced me to simply purchase new ones. That was around 1000€ of extra expenses on top of normal daily living, which forced me re-budget myself for the time being.

I was intending to an overview of TE PC, but I need to push that back. I also intended to have a NES30 controller review done by this week, but at the moment the package has been lost in mail, or more specifically, in the customs for some reason. The problem is, the customs officials have no idea where the package could be in there, they didn’t find it all when I gave them a call. My string of bad luck seems to continue further and further.

The above problems also prevent me from doing a review of Castlevania; Lords of Shadow 2 for Halloween, as I had intended. The reason I want to give the game a review is simply because I reviewed the first one. If there would be a demand for reviews further, I could try starting Review of the Month, which could be of anything, really. A brand of beer, for example.

#GamerGate is still strongly going, and you won’t see me commenting it too much outside bigger events. It’s nice to see consumers taking action the best way they can, but it would nice to see people wallet voting on other, more important matter as well. However, whatever your position with the movement is, be it against, for or you don’t care, I would recommend you to read all and any news article and post with care. Most of the mainstream electronic games press is voicing their view strongly, but there are equal amount of less known sites that handle the events with less passionate and objective way. TechRaptor is one of them, and Niche Gamer has seen few interviews with game developers on the subject.

All that said, I have taken a stance behind the subject, but I wish that won’t colour the readers’ view on me or anything else. One thing should not, and doesn’t, define a person.

Ah fuck it. I’ve been on a roll the whole day, working against a deadline. Let’s have another piece of music and jug down some Sapporo.

And oh, some scans incoming this month, for those who usually know what I scan.

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