Music of the Month; REVOLTER – Midnight Chaser

Let’s start this year with some good old FM-music.

New year, the same old. Much like last year, the next sixth months will bring in some new challenge that will require my attention to a large degree, thus you may find some weeks lacking in content.

That said, I still want to keep up the two posts per week pace I’ve been having for few years now, and if things change in the world and in my personal life that would allow me to write more, I’ll try to bump it up to three posts a week.

Next to that, Review of the Month is on testing until next summer. Rather than concentrating on games, the aim would be to have posts about something else than just game reviews. Things like console and cartridge design, and perhaps I’ll manage to amass enough information to review that LaserDisc player I have. While I am no tech geek, I try to understand technical aspects of machines before giving a verdict on their function, despite that ultimately giving very little weight to the review, unless it affects the usability to a significant extent. Then again, whenever I decide to mods to my machines, they tend to be rather wholesome, ranging from facelifts to added power lights. If it happens that I come across something interesting hardware-wise or modify any consoles to an extent, I may do a post about those if they have any value.

You won’t see me doing any food reviews, unless you guys want to sent me recipes to try out. Music reviews are out of question too. Then again, a person with no real in-depth knowledge are often the ones that have the most clear cut and honest views.

2015 will be personally somewhat exciting year, as it brings certain new challenges I will stumble with, no doubt. The blog won’t see any major changes with these, but I have a wish to put out a Muv-Luv or mecha design related post once per month. There are some things that require me to visit the Visual Novels again and will take time, but I’ll get to it eventually. Mecha designing will get visited again, and this time with less lame jokes and perhaps more hands-on stuff. Giving the Dragon Slayer off-hand guide a complete visual overhaul is also in the plans, and perhaps this time it’ll look less horrible. Then again, anyone with a working Internet should be able to look the information from various sites up.

Then again, my plans for last year failed miserably, so I should have learned never to plan anything too much in advance and just go with the flow.

There was an idea, which I still hope to act on at some point. This idea would bring in an extra writer to the blog, concerning similar matters but from the writer’s own perspective. I have few people who have voiced their interest in this.

For game related stuff I will continue with the commenting whenever something relatively interesting turns up. Events like E3 will get some attention, but overall speaking most informative stuff is what is usually not said. Then again, we’ve seen last year how Sakurai essentially called his customers as stupid people.

I wish you all had a great new year’s night. We’ll be right back with the program sometime next week.

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