Waiting for right controller interface, it seems

A future for F-Zero? Playable Star Fox? No to the first one, yes to the latter one.

It’s interesting that Miyamoto talks about F-Zero may return once the right controller interface becomes available, because that’s a load of horse shit. What sort of controller interface needs to be made available for a new F-Zero? If a GameBoy Advance is enough to accommodate F-Zero’s controls, then surely their controller interfaces on 3DS and Wii U would do just fun for a racing game. Hell, all you really need is to adapt Mario Kart controls, even with the tilting of someone wants to, and hey presto you got a controls.

Unless Miyamoto means physical control interface, in which case the next F-Zero will be utilising some sort of new controller, which could lead the game being extremely gimmicky and/or expensive. Just look at Tekki /Steel Battalion on the Xbox. It has a controller interface that was custom built for that game and its sequel, but goddamn if those two are not expensive and saw limited production. Could you see Nintendo producing a controller made just for F-Zero, a series Miyamoto himself called a no-seller? Then again, alternative controls would be welcomed on any platform, as long as they are affordable.

Also, there is a sect of F-Zero fans who regard the GameCube controller as the all end for the series, much like how Smash Bros. players, and some devs, regard that controller the best and only one for the series. Nintendo has that GC Controller adapter for Wii U now, so that’s no excuse either, thou some would disagree.

What is more important is what is not mentioned; Metroid. Did the failure of Other M make Nintendo look at their other space sci-fi franchises with a new look? During last E3, Nintendo representatives did not state that new Metroid games would be developed anytime soon; only that they are having internal discussion what they could do next with the series. It would be good to hear what Nintendo is discussing of their games and planning for them. Then again, we are in the near future and nothing tangible has come forth. Both Takahashi and Miyamoto give diplomatic answer how they like the different styles of Metroid. Miyamoto’s comment how there are things they could do with the Prime series is like musician saying there’s thing left you can do with a guitar.

Granted, there has been some rumours on Retro working on something Metroid related, but rumours are worth nothing. If one takes the developers into notice, it’s good to remember that the people who worked on the Prime series games no longer work at Retro Studios. Yet, somehow I’m getting a feeling that the power that be in Nintendo are just turning their heads this time and measuring some reactions, but that fails when you remember how Nintendo’s devs barely give a damn about the wants of their customers.

Now playable Star Fox sounds nice, all things considered. However, the last few titles were not all too successful and it seems more people are forgetting the DS Star Fox for whatever reason, and the two games on GameCube were more or less panned down. The Wii U Star Fox better put something new on the table rather than recycling stuff like either version of Star Fox 64.

Speaking of new entries for silent franchises, where’s one for Star Tropics?

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