Music of the Month; Kids2014/Hidenori Cover

These last two weeks have gone in a flash. I’ve been pressing long as hell days, forgetting upcoming schedules and meetings. Hell, there’s something special for me next week and I only remembered that because other people reminded me. Thanks people.

Even forgetting that I had a post in the works, which was put out late yesterday. Managed to keep my monthly productions up, but sadly the project that will be finished next week saw a small setback with the damn motor dropping from a metal bandsaw. That is falling off, dangling from the wires. I can’t tell you how mortifying it is to know that because of stupid things like this a whole day’s work can basically be put off. Well, it’s not like I can’t saw everything by hand in the right angles in a straight line, it just takes slightly longer when you have to cut 5mm thick flat iron into four pieces.

Why was this month’s music selected again from NikumanGuitar’s collection? Well, first of all I enjoy her guitar covers, and secondly I’ve been listening to a lot of fast paced rock while working.

I’ll cut this post short and say that I have an intention to review the Shiranui 2nd Phase 3 TSF by the end of the month if I have the time to build the model and see it in three dimensional form. It’s not going to be a review of the model due it being a quick-build, but about the mecha itself and how it holds itself against other TSFs. I intended to do it last month, but I had to fall back on what I was supposed to this month. To be honest, I’m wholly dissatisfied on the cartridge review. It lacks so damn much content I wanted to convey, but I hope at least few people find some worth in it.

Anyways, this post is cut short. I still have some work to do for tomorrow. See you next week.

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