Music of the Month; Neo Tokyo

I hope everybody is having a nice Good Friday, it’s time for the music of the month. Let’s all just chill out, and relax.

We’re a bit late with all this, because damn you life.

Let’s talk a little bit about April’s fools. I don’t really do April’s fools at all, but I’m sure we all can appreciate a good joke or a prank. We all should be able to laugh at ourselves a little bit, but of course there are those who are willing to take things a bit too far or do the jokes in poor taste.

âge has a history of doing elaborate April’s fools by changing their site for the whole day for something completely different. This year they splattered their webpage with Kimi ga Nozomu Eien’s 15th Anniversary celebration, announcing a new animation called Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Next Generation (I’m positive this is a Star Trek joke) and an upcoming dating mobile game of sorts. Didn’t really pay much attention to that, because they also had a tower defence game, where your aim was to keep Takayuki from reaching Haruka and causing the accident. It was really awful to play and yet at the same time I could laugh at the absurd nature of it. Because the site is now dead, you’re unable to access any of this content, but things like this are never completely vanished. For example, some guy could mirror their short video clip about. You never know, somebody may have saved the site itself, much the last year and the year before.

With âge, there has been some level of truth in their jokes. Last year they joked about Total Eclipse’s Yuuya and Yui being siblings, and then it turned out to be true.  What could âge be planning? In all honesty, it may be something KGNE related to celebrate the series’ age, but I’m not seeing a new animation coming up. If there is, then hotdamn sign me in.

Generally speaking, April’s fools jokes tend to be something smaller and more apparent in nature and don’t really need removal. Famitsu’s Photoshop REAL is a good example of this. It’s not too uncommon to see sites changing their layouts for one day either, either modelling themselves after 90’s flashy GIF hells or poking fun at themselves.

Perhaps next year I’ll do an April’s fools that is both awful and something nobody will like. My jokes tend to go flat, especially when I’m joking about giant robots, so it might be better not to do that.

In other news, water is wet and sky is blue.

On April’s fools it would be good practice not to announce any actual news or information. Like how Hideaki Anno is going to direct the 2016 Godzilla film. Still, I can see the value of putting the audience in a state between disbelief, wanting and belief. This can be used to gauge how well the audience are willing to accept outrageous ideas or promote a product that does not yet exist. For example, last year’s Mega Man X redesign is now being produced as a real figure by another company. However, while I want to say that it’s hard to rile customers up for a reaction, the Internet has shown that this isn’t the case. You can do one video or some sort of ad and have that amassing large numbers of hits. It’s all about hitting the right spot, and with fans it’s rather easy to push the right buttons. Like announcing a 15th anniversary project or something along those lines.

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