CAPCOM releases yet another re-release compilation

Let me put it like a wise person once said it; it’s fucking nothing.

Lemme get this straight right away without fanwanking. This is a collection of six NES games in one. Six games that have been re-released multiple times lately. How many times do we need the same exact same six games to be released until everybody and their mothers have them? Of course, this is just another easy way for CAPCOM to make few bucks, especially on Steam.

This is CAPCOM saying that Mega Man wasn’t any good after the first six games. We could argue this point, but that’s pointless. Whoever claims so is bullshitting you.

Online leaderboards is the only new addition to the mix, which doesn’t add any to the games. Challenge mode is absolutely moot point as players have been doing their own challenges throughout the years. Replay ability is a sort of nice addition, but overall absolutely worthless outside competitions, and Mega Man doesn’t really translate to that. Museum mode is absolutely useless too, but at least it is a nice addition. These things should be in a design works collection thou, not in a game. Take notice that most sketches are straight up scans from R20 and R20+5 anniversary books.

In addition, why the hell they went with the Japanese style Mega Man logo? Take notice how everywhere else, from the title of the video and in the description, it’s written as Mega Man, not as Megaman. It baffles me that they’re not using the classic stacked Mega Man logo with this. Then again, Mega Man goes through logo changes every now and then, about twice a decade.

It’s a cheap cashgrab. The games are probably running from a custom emulator rather than being proper ports, as CAPCOM doesn’t have the source codes or tools to work with the titles anymore. Why expect anything more from CAPCOM at this point? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the future of Mega Man will be forever re-releases unless somebody steps up.

The worst thing is that CAPCOM is hitting the pixeljunkies with their 8-bit masturbation. Returning to the point that some people argue that Mega Man was good only on NES, this plays well to the whole retro pixel thing Mega Man has. When you’re aiming to cater to the limited pixel hipster market, you know thing’s starting to look bleak and sad. Lumping an actual set of NES game among with the modern pixel garbage indie developers have been churning for some years now is disservice to the franchise overall. They are even using the pixellation on the goddamn special effects!

The title of the bundle is Mega Man Legacy Collection. The fact is that this doesn’t reflect the franchise properly, not even the NES titles. Mega Man itself is legacy, almost dead. It seems that they are timing this release about the same time frame as Mighty Number 9, which looks absolutely atrocious in terms of visuals and gameplay, so at least they can get something out of for Inafune advertising him and his team as the Creators of original Mega Man! Mega Man 1 damn mediocre game, no wonder CAPCOM never intended it to have a sequel.

I could also ask why the hell the visuals are so lacklustre? They have decades worth of official illustrations to use, and they bring in very, very mediocre looking pictures on board as the first actual image on the trailer. Thank God almost everything else is using the older, better looking illustrations. While Mega Man has been lately been forced to use these very plain colours in almost 70’s styled linework, the NES games aimed to be more colourful, more wholesome in visuals than what people think they were.

Just hunt down the Anniversary collection for the Xbox, PS2 or GameCube. Not only you the first eight games, you also get two extras and somewhat limited NAVI mode from the PlayStation releases. Those releases have value that time won’t deter.

CAPCOM, this isn’t mediocre. This sort of re-release cycle will only doom the franchise further down the line, but we knew we’d get nothing but re-releases. Here’s hoping we’d at least get a goddamn complete collection with every game in the franchise in one bundle for the 30th anniversary.

They can leave Rockman's Soccer out. It's shit
They can leave Rockman’s Soccer out. It’s shit. Has a catchy theme song thou, that recommends you to fuck a blond ho

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