Alternative Projects + Aalt presents; ARG Test Cast #1

Test podcast. I guess that’s what I’m calling this. I threw an idea to Gabgrave of Alternative Projects to discuss about, well, whatever the subject may be. The podcast is shared between them, and will appear at their blog as well. If you’re interested in âge product’s fantranslations, I recommended to give them a look.

This time we are discussing the Muv-Luv Kickstarter in order to break the ice. There are some awkward moments all around from yours truly, but I hope that I manage to iron out my voice and act with future ‘casts.

These podcasts won’t become the main bulk of the blog, and at least initially the subjects most likely will surround âge overall. The original intention would be to do these once every two weeks or so. I can tell you that Alternative Projects’ staff is eager to do these.

As such, the nature of these podcasts will be different from the main blog. With these my aim would be to encourage discussion and allow the participants to go on slight tangents on the subject, while still holding somewhat tight leash where the discussion goes. As such, it is more personal and there is less blog persona I employ when I write.

The cast is, without a doubt, wholly international. We have participants from far Eastern Orient all the way to wild western coast of USA. We all have our accents and it shows. Despite this, we all manage to discuss the subject matter just fine.

Despite the subject, there are numerous points that has been echoed in this blog before, and as such it’s all good. As Evan’s opening says, we hope to get better with time. Please, be gentle.

The song at the end is Evildoer from Nihon Falcom’s Xanadu Next.

Correction; When discussing the Kickstarter stretch goals, it sounds like we are taking them as official things. At this point, nothing is official, only the fact that we’re getting a Kickstarter is.

3 thoughts on “Alternative Projects + Aalt presents; ARG Test Cast #1

  1. So glad you’ve launched a podcast like this; I’m looking forward to listening to it all the way through when I’ve got time. Your essays on Kiminozo and Muv-Luv were a nice inspiration for me when I was working on a History of âge panel that I presented a few months back.

  2. OK, having listened to the whole thing… really good start. It’s surprising to have this many participants and have everyone audible and not talking over one another. Doesn’t sound like anyone’s using a laptop mic (or, if they are, it’s not too bad).

    Also, given the infamy of certain fandoms (some of which rhyme with “hype soon”), it’s remarkable to hear everyone being respectful and mature and express concerns about approachability to outsiders, skepticism about some of those pie-in-the-sky proposed Kickstarter rewards, etc. (well reasoned too… if the ML fandom in Japan hasn’t gotten an anime of the main story yet, how could the tiny Western fandom?). You can enjoy this stuff without being a jerk about it, who knew, right?

    I was surprised at two double identities… I guess I didn’t know that Sachibelle and Tumblr’s marimojinguuji were the same person, and I guess I forgot that all the great writing about KGNE on Aaltomies were by @KimiNozoGuy. Which, oh crap, means Muv-Luv fandom is an even smaller group than I thought!

    My one big suggestion: getting this “podcast” into the iTunes podcast directory would really improve its discoverability. Right now, it’s a set of blog posts with SoundCloud embeds, so it’s not truly a podcast in the sense of something you can get as a URL for use by iTunes and other podcatchers, and download new MP3s as they come out. Since the blog here is on, you could probably follow the instructions here ( to create a genuine podcast feed (I guess you’d need a new category since “podcast” is taken, like “podcastmp3”), then submit it to iTunes ( It’s a bunch of work (you’d also need an image for the cover art), but it would improve discoverability immensely, if you used keywords like “visual novel” and “anime”. Ping me at @invalidname on Twitter if you need help.


    1. You can actually follow and subscribe for an RSS feed on Soundcloud, if it helps any. We’ll have to see how we’re going to treat these a bit later on after the initial test takes.

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