ARG Test Cast #T03 – Translators’ Show

One thing I’ve learned in these three weeks that subjects are still hard thing to come by. I’ve seen someone say that podcasts come and go by the dozen and many die out before they even make it to two digits because of the people putting them up just don’t have material to put out. Quality is always an issue, but you can’t be good if you give up. You’re never going to become good at it if you just leave it in the gutter. The same thing with blogging, and I think I found the tone I want to go with just by keeping it up, even if the content can be a bit strange at times. At least this time we’re not talking about Muv-Luv in itself.

With this third podcast we’ve branching out. The topic is not translations in itself, but rather how Alternative Projects works with their translations. These topic was chosen because most people don’t really have the grasp how much works it all involves, especially for a high quality translation. These guys have all the time they need, whereas professional translations need to work with tight schedules and under serious pressures. They don’t get paid enough, and high quality translation is something that will take time and effort to get just right.

We’re not going to touch on the philosophy or approaches of translations, as that will fill a show for later date when I get a professional translator on board. Give it a go and enjoy our probably-standard opening that Evan cobbled up for us.

Music at the end is from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien – Melody of Stars doujin CD by HARUKA Project, track 04 “Amagumo.” Original author is âge, arrange is by OdiakeS from
The opening uses a section of Rumbling Hearts by Minami Kuribayashi.

3 thoughts on “ARG Test Cast #T03 – Translators’ Show

  1. The intro is pretty good, but Code 991 has a certain, uh… charm as well.

    Nice to hear what goes on behind the scenes at Alternative Projects. I really appreciate all the work they are putting in. Would be cool to hear from a professional translator as well in the future, if you manage to find someone willing to get on the podcast.
    I feel like this particular podcast could have benefited from being slightly longer, but it’s not a big deal. Hope you guys don’t run out of subjects too soon :p

  2. I heard you were having trouble with SoundCloud Upload limit, Why not upload to youtube then ?

    1. That’s an option I would only want to take as a last resort, but it is a good one. I’m weighing how to proceed next week, but for now I’ve moved to a new service.

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