Music of the Month, late on everything edition

AH, music. Usually I think a theme beforehand, about a week or two and plan it out properly. Now I’m just completely bringing in nothing of worth. So, nothing out of ordinary CRAM IT WESS.

Anyway, lessee. I must’ve listened something pretty good as of late that could give me a theme. Nope, nothing good on my playlist history!

In cases like this, I just hit random on my “Listen these sometimes” folder. My original song would’ve been Communication Gap, but goddamn ‘tube failed me again

If you’re wondering, I am few beers and glasses of whisky in this evening, so the stream  of consciousness and grammar may be somewhere out there out of my reach, and my editor, whenever she wants to get back to work, will crucify me, ’cause goddammit.

But some more personal jargon out of the way. I’ve been working on few projects all summer, and nothing has come from them. I’m almost literally being faced by a goddamn wall of blank, and I’ve got deadlines in few weeks. So, until those are sorted out, I may have to drop posting for once per week. If I was jobless, I could update this every day, but in that case I might as well start asking for money, but screw that. This is a hobby, not a work for me and I simply refuse to start making money on things people enjoy me doing.

OK, that may be a bit bad philosophy but let’s just stick that with the block and stick other things to other holes, ‘kay?

Secondly, the third podcast will be late because of the same projects being pushed closer and things need to be ready faster. Gotta pick priorities. Those who have been listening to those, do give some feedback because it’s really damn hard to deduce what we’re (as in I) doing wrong just by the amount of listeners. Sure, we could just speak of Muv-Luv, âge, ixtl and Degica all day long and have Evan sing songs like a pro (that’s an idea) while I caw like a goddamn shot crow with him. But then, it would be pretty much unrelated shit when it comes to this blog, the initial five are just to test waters here. After that, I will make a separate page, most likely somewhere in this blog, where all updates are then made. You’d better be following shit on Twitter or Souncloud for updates when we re-launch it. I promise I try to plan everything better in the future, edit things better and speak more coherent goddamn English. I know I flubber everywhere and my voice is grating, but that’s why I’ll make all other people talk more. Ha!

Anyways, I hope you liked the first three ones. I had no idea what the hell I was doing during the first two, and I barely knew what the hell I was doing during the third one. Here’s hoping for the fourth! Cheers!

I usually do some sort of handicraft projects on the side, and if there’s any interest in them, I could post some pictures with some sort of descriptions and guidelines. These would range from how to tie a yarn to a half a litre glass mug’s ear, how to make a hammock for your feet while you’re working or how to install a new board under your kitchen sink because your shitty janitor never fixed the water damaged piece he promised six damn months ago.  If you’d like that idea, drop a comment or just like this post. If not, then… well, scream bloody hell at me on Twitter for not doing any work.

After I hit 700 games on my library (digitals excluded) I pretty much ran out of room to house them. Next to the few thousands books I have (most of them are in garage because of no room), models and âge altar, the space I have is more than a bit limited. I need to build some kind of rotary system or a miniature record cabinet where to stash my stuff. Not that there has been any games that have been must buy lately, and with the Muv-Luv /Alternative Kickstarter upcoming, the dough needs to flow to my account, not to import stores. Why import stores? Because the games we have here on the shelf are still at high price. Goddamn Mario Kart DS sits at 40€, Starfox 64/Lylat Wars 3D sits at full 60€ and so on. So, you can imagine that local prices don’t really come down until they’ve been shelfwarming for multiple years, but there are some exceptions. Lollipop chainsaw is something like 9,90€, but it looks more or less something that I’d enjoy five minutes and then just throw a boot at it. I’ve started to select games a bit more careful, because random OH THIS LOOKS CHEAP attitude netted me uselessly large PS2 game collection collection.

And goddamn I want to drink C.C. Lemon. If any of you know where to buy import sodas in Europe, drop me a link willya?

I need some water and something distracting.

3 thoughts on “Music of the Month, late on everything edition

  1. Won’t the next one the *fourth* podcast? You had the first one with everyone, the Degica interview, and then Alt Projects on translation details.


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