ARG TEST CAST #T04 Remembering games

With the whole international cast thing we have going on, I expect us to have rather different backgrounds when it comes to games. To my surprise, there are a lot more common games and stories across with each other. I can see this reflecting the more global nature games have.

Still, we do touch upon the cultural scene from our perspectives, and this paints different kind of scenes. The podcast does not just stay in the past, as we give the modern scene a quick glance what’s how and where.

This week’s cast; Sachibelle, Gabgrave, Evan and a surprise guest.

The announcer at the beginning is @A9DOC. The ending song is Midnight Chaser from an indie NEC PC-9801 game Flame Zapper Kotsujin.

For now, Podomatic will be our choice for now, as it allows certain amount of space that can be cleared for new entries. All the previous podcasts can be found at a MediaFire folder for your pleasure as well. Whenever we’re going to run out of space on Podomatic, the oldest one will be rolled out. The change from Souncloud to Podomatic is due to Soundcloud allowing you to upload over your time on Free model slightly screwing you over with lacking information, so I’m weighing my options how to proceed in the future. Youtube is an option, of course, but that’s something I’d rather try to avoid it for now.

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