ARG Test Cast #T05; TV Vulture

The fifth test podacst is up and ready to be listened to. The topic we cover is television culture and the differences between nations. We got few first here too, as Kevin from the Alternative Projects joins us and we have a guest to fulfil an empty spot. We also start with a newsbit about the Muv-Luv stuff that has been going on.

The song at the end is the intro for the TV show MacGyver.

This being the fifth one, we’re going to go on a hiatus and see what works and what doesn’t. Feedback would be appreciated, overall speaking. Otherwise we’d be on an empty base. I’m not sure if we should concentrate on one theme only, like Muv-Luv, as that would be a subject that would be burnt through relatively fast. You’ve most likely also noticed that we’ve yet another provider change, hopefully our last.

There’s not much to add. We will most likely do a celebratory podast or a live stream on Youtube when the Muv-Luv Kickstarter begins, but depending how things go, the podcast may not be seen as updates in the future, but turned into a widget. That might work for the best, but you never know.

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