Nintendo not in Top 100, but do you care?

Not too long ago, Nintendo was dropped from the Top 100 brands list by Interbrand. According to CEO Yuki Wada the reason for this drop is that Nintendo has not been keeping with changes in people’s lives, pointing to its failure to jump on the smartphone bandwagon in a timely manner. That’s a direct quote too.

Yuki Wada’s statement shows how the industry doesn’t like when Nintendo does what is good for the market. The NES was booed, yet it essentially saved console gaming. The GameBoy was called a relic while its competitors died one by one soon after they were released. The Super Nintendo was deemed too childish compared to the Mega Drive. The N64 on the other hand was hailed to have peculiarity, and the GameCube was hailed as a great console. Both of these were not successful on the larger scale. The DS followed the NES’ route of expanding the market, and the industry hated Nintendo for it. The 3DS and the WiiU follow the N64 and GameCube philosophy and have garnered better reception from the industry.

But the industry is not the consumer. From Nintendo’s history it seems that what industry hates, the consumers love. The more money Nintendo banks, the more the industry hates Nintendo’s guts. The latest Pikmin being a good example of this. Fans and industry loved it, and it sold mediocre numbers, especially for a first party WiiU title.

Nintendo would do disservice to itself by expanding to smartphone market by itself like many other companies have. After all, why would you like to make your own products available on other platforms? With DeNA Nintendo is doing just that, but on their own terms. Smartphones and consoles compete in different region anyway, especially with modern handhelds that are less about gaming on the go than what they should be. The kind of games smartphones and consoles, handheld or home, offer is different as well.

I do see that Nintendo’s financial performance and brand contributions could be the main thing dropping Nintendo from the list, but not jumping on the smartphone bandwagon. If that were the case, Nintendo should’ve been dropped each generation they did something backwards in industry’s eye, be it no using compact disc media or adding a media player functionality.

Nintendo has never been on the forefront of new technology. Whenever they followed Gunpei Yokoi’s philosophy of using existing and cheaper technology to its fullest extent, Nintendo has gained more profits. One could also argue that games have been better, leaving unneeded gimmicks be while pushing the gameplay to its limits.

What does the consumer care if Nintendo is in Top 100 or not? All he cares about is that the companies keep catering products they want to throw money at. Like 300 page books filled with materials or high speed action games, pizza that tastes delicious or vacuum cleaners that don’t break under stressful cleaning.

Now the industry might care, but when it comes to Nintendo, the industry has not been very favourable towards them overall.

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