Music of the Month; Dividual Heart

You can check Satellite Young’s album for this piece on Bandcamp

Ah, music of the month, free to vent stuff.

I feel that I need to apologise for the recent Integral Works entry. While my aim was to clarify what the book is alongside its companion pieces, looking back at it I see it nothing but as a piece of advertisement. I’ve admitted that I can’t keep my usual writer’s persona with Muv-Luv. The entry won’t be removed, but I completely admit that it was out of the line to post it. If it clarified things for you or you generally enjoyed it, then that’s all good. It still doesn’t stand up to the guidelines I have for the blog.

Nevertheless, Muv-Luv’s Kickstarter has been a sound success, making well over one million. Hell, it was such a success that it made a million more than what its initial goal was. Its funding is 500%. It broke all expectations.

I hope those three fours won't jinx this project
I hope those three fours won’t jinx this project

The Kickstarter has beaten both Grisaia’s and Clannad’s, two names that were considered as the definitive titles to draw in crowd. Muv-Luv has a far more larger fandom than what I estimated even in my wildest dreams. It’s almost a small miracle, seeing how Muv-Luv is a franchise that had exactly one mediocre television animation released in the West in Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse. That has caused bunch of misconceptions, as it has not been uncommon to see people thinking that Total Eclipse is based on these visual novels, or dropping the Alternative notation from there.

All this is to say that, by looking at the raw data we have, Muv-Luv as a franchise is far more popular and loved than either previously mentioned. Does it mean it is considered better than the previous two? The numbers again say Yes.

Nevertheless, this Kickstarter is a rather good example on what this blog is partially about; customer service. Degica’s Muv-Luv staff has been in a cross-fire between the backers/fans and ixtl/âge. They have managed to meet customer demands rather well while keeping the producer’s side happy. That has been the key to the success; seeing what is demanded, mitigating between what can be done what can’t be done, and aiming widen the consumer base. Western localisation itself will expand the consumer base, and while it’s not a Blue Ocean product, I can testify that people who have not been into the franchise before have actually pledged some. Now this entry is in the afterglow from the Kickstarter, and I do feel like I’ve coined something in by helping Degica’s Muv-Luv team here and there with stuff, but it’s Degica’s humbleness during this whole time has served them well, and while advertising has been bombastic and almost slightly aggressive at times, that’s par for the course. They’ve kept information flowing most of the time and actually came on-mic for an interview with me and Gabgrave of Alternative Projects. They’ve done well, and this sort of success may be hard to replicate with any other franchise. I hope they will rake in some nice profit out of all this on the long run.

There will be no video game reviews for the rest of the year. I will aim to review something different. Lords of Shadow 2’s review was a Halloween special of sorts, even thou I wanted to find something else write about. I am actually thinking of dabbling into toy review, or if I’m stupid enough, reviewing Degica’s Kickstarter run. I have a week’s worth of bumper material currently, which is why some subjects will come seemingly late. Perhaps another quickly build model review or something else. I really don’t have any set strict theme for the reviews.

I intend to create further bumper material when if I can manage to find the time. This weeks’ second post will get back to Guilty Gear comparisons, so be sure to check it out. It’s a bit more expanded and in-depth on the character’s visuals than previously. This is mainly because this character was my main for a long time when I played Guilty Gear at a higher level back in the day. Now I’m just another run of the mill untrained schmook.

There’s going to be one more TSF comparison chart for Su-37m2 Terminator. I will be using the basic SU-37 Flanker-F as a comparison point. Due to the lack of coloured back picture, I’ll be using the 3D images provided in the Total Eclipse World Guidance. IW on the other hand has a nice frontal picture.

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