Different take on customers; Educate yourself, please

We’ re at around 600 posts, so it’s time for another take on customers. These posts don’t follow the usual norm as the perspective is from another direction.

You know what grinds my gears the most at times? When a customer comes up to me and begins to dictate what he knows and how I should do things. While I want to say Don’t tell me how to do my job, I am willing to take advices from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Yet, when you get a whoever from the generic mass telling, for example, how a commercial pilot should fly his craft, we all recognize that as complete and utter bullshit. A pilot has a license to fly, whereas John from the office who mostly walks his dog out, gets completely pants down drunk every Friday and has absolutely no interest to understand one thing about flying.

Recently Geospatial Information Authority in Japan interviewed foreigners in Tokyo’s Asakusa to determine whether or not symbols and pictograms on the maps make sense. The end result was as you’d expect; They didn’t know what some symbols meant and were bothered by Manji.

I’m sure everybody knows the proverb When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This is something that will never cease to apply as long as we have cultural differences and we will have cultural differences until the end of time. It pisses me off on a personal level when people fixate the Manji with Nazi Swastika. Just go it over, the swastika and suwastika date back to ancient Egypt and Byzantium.

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The Nazi Swastika these foreigners were bothered about is, first of all, standing on its sharp edge rather than standing flat. The Hindu Swastika is the closest thing above, but even then you’d have to be uneducated not to make the difference.  It’s a universal symbol that has appeared in multitude of cultures in multitude of ways. Nazis essentially spoiled the symbol in the Western world, and if somebody doesn’t know enough world history to make a difference between Third Reicht’s symbol and the rest of them, they need to go back to school bench.

There’s actually pretty damn good and lengthy article on the Finnish Air force’s swastika and how it’s been misunderstood, well, by anyone who hasn’t read his history books well enough.

When a foreigner in a country he is not native to finds a something that resembles something they have been, in case of Nazi swastika, essentially indoctrinated to relate to evil and wish it to be changed, they can fuck off back to where they came from. You don’t go to another nation and tell them what’s bugging you in their cultural iconography, that’d be asinine.

This load of bullshit is because of the upcoming Olympics in 2020. Certain governmental officials are afraid to hurt the foreigners’ feelings, and I’ll say kick them out if their feelings get hurt by such petty things. Political correctness be damned. Concentrate on more serious issues at hand… and where the hell they’ll be able to have Summer Comic Market that year.

Granted, sometimes you do find a person who is able to see things from a perspective you are blind to. For example, a craftsman may be too rigid with his works, stuck with his routine. Having an outside view on some aspects may help with the whole thing, but what the hell would your normal customer know about metallurgy, welding and tensile strength?

I eyed this book few years back, it's pretty damn nice
I eyed this book few years back, it’s pretty damn nice

I should give more credits to the customer in this regards, they are ultimately the ones that drive product design onwards, even thou more often than now their input is mostly trivial or unusable. It’s insanely hard to get proper answers from a customer on what they would like to have, mostly because they have absolutely no idea what they want. Combine this with the popular bubble space people tend to build for themselves and you got a recipe for someone who does not dare to challenge himself with new ideas nor looks for them. Picking up that history book would be a good start.

Speaking of these safe bubbles people are getting themselves into, what the hell is wrong with people campaigning against products they themselves will never buy? GTA V was pulled from stores because Target’s shelves in Australia, because sex workers thought it’d, and I quote “the “sickening game” encourages players to kill prostitutes,” which is, of course, total bollocks. Killing anyone else than whores in the game seems to be OK. These people weren’t going buy this game to begin with, but Target had to bend over because it seems Australian escorts use their services enough to warrant such an act. Games don’t encourage or educate into violence, the only people who think so can’t make a difference between real life and fiction. Who the hell allows their child to play GTA V to begin with? It’s R-18 game, at that point people have already learned the base morals they’ll use in later life.

This sort of bullshit has gone far enough to scare companies. Koei Tecmo is not releasing Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in the West because of outcries, and I am afraid it’s not going to be the only one. It’s infuriating to see a group of people, who are essentially not the target audience or intending to buy the product, campaigning against it. It’s understandable, but they could be concentrating on something that actually matters. Virtual tits and ass never hurt anyone, unlike certain events in real world.

The Internet rage culture has gotten way out of hands a long time ago. Rather than concentrating on things that make you mad, concentrate on things that make you happy and what you enjoy. If you enjoy complaining and looking into stuff that makes you feel bad and mad, that might be a sign of some trouble.

Both GTA V and DoAX3 examples stem from people thinking what games do rather than knowing. Research on matters is always recommended. Of course, if it doesn’t fit their narrative, they ignore it. There are countering researchers, like one saying that games are linked to aggression but not to criminal behaviour, which is different from violence. Parenting, or the lack of it, has more influence on children than games, I have witnessed this myself few times over.

 I’m everyone has already thought the ironic bit or two in this post. Don’t worry, we have some TSF stuff coming later this week.

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