Music of the Month; Soldier Blade

Originally Music of the Month was a way for me to blow off some steam and not really do anything with the blog. Yes, despite how I keep with me schedules, it does get tedious at times. However, lately I’ve noticed that these have become more a way to announce or tell about what I planned for future. At some point I already began to care too much about what music I put out. You could say I became a bit too conscious about the choices overall, trying to aim for some sort of imaginary quality level that never was in there in the first place.

You may ask the same thing as I did, Does it matter? In a way, it does. As stupid as it sounds, I have no idea what sort of audience I have. I have a guesstimate that most of my readers are in their 20’s or 30’s with some dipping under the age of 18. The stuff I talk about is mostly relating to games and pop culture while emphasizing design and customer service from a perspective. So yes, it does matter to some extent. Make no mistake, this is a hobby and I don’t gain any money or benefits in writing. I’m under no constrain to do anything as such, unlike those who have sponsorships. Nevertheless, I do feel that I need to be honest with the readers and occasional visitors, going for a level of quality without putting too much actual work into things.

Nevertheless, I feel I need to revise all the TSF comparison charts thus far and revamp their design after Yoshimune Koki tweeted out MiG-27’s post. That actually screwed my statistics pretty badly, as I can’t use them in a reliable way to estimate what’s been popular at a glance. I’m grateful to the guy, and it’s not the first time he has commented on a post I’ve made. I know some of you guys are here just for the Muv-Luv stuff, but you’d have a better time spending at Type-94’s blog for that. I’ve kept from commenting anything or posting anything further, because I want to give him more room. I should probably ask him for a podcast… that we’ve been meaning to do for a month or so now. I’ll comment on Schwarzesmarken anyway at some point. Funny thing, one of the search words I still get is What does Schwarzesmarken mean, which amuses me to no end for whatever reason.

As such, I hope to return Monthly Music to a more relaxed form. I do have two other monthly things going on now with the Reviews and Mecha design posts. This month’s review will be a new keyboard whenever I get a new one, the old one I’m using is essentially ignoring keys presses and is falling apart. Either that, or Dariusburst CS. Shit’s awesome.

The mecha design posts became a monthly thing after long consideration. The few posts I did in the past frequently gets hits, so there seems to be a need to basic level how-to guides. I’m still planning what to write next. Most likely it’ll be the split between the core ideology in making a mecha between West and East. That requires some reading on my part.

I have a condition of passing by good things to write about. Sometimes I become blind at things and just end up doing something else. Sometimes I need force myself to write about something. It’s not that I’m running out of subjects to write about, I’ve just grown far too careful and biding my time with them. For example, I was supposed to write about how Disney Star Wars doesn’t have an identity of its own in visuals and designs due to its reuse of McQuarrie’s concepts around the time Force Awakens was released, but I ended up passing it by and letting it simmer down in my head. February will most likely see a theme in simplicity in game design with Breakout, Arkanoid and Cyber Block Metal Orange as examples. Because of all this, if you have something you’d like me to touch on, either comment at some post or drop me a message on Twitter.

Actually, this is the third time I write this post. The first one was a formal announcement for the month’s themes with a classical piece. The second was a snarky bit with some Muv-Luv Kickstarter stuff in there. Both felt forced, so I just let the conscious flow without form. Let’s just hope I don’t get too wasted on Friday and miss the weekend’s post.

 Addition; I added five new banner images. I hope you enjoy them.

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