Music of the Month; Painting of the Sun

Let’s update the previous entry a bit with what has taken place after yesterday. The cosplayer had some exchange with the staff of the convention, and according to her latest post, the staff at the convention basically threw the security personal under the bus. In all honesty, I expected things to go this way. It seems that the security staff were not instructed to mention anything about family friendly matters, and that their only string of instruction was how much a swimsuit covers. Some swimsuits cover barely anything, but that’s another issue altogether. As such, the cosplayer does not regard this on the convention holders, except that what it exactly is.

If you employ people, be it outsourced or not, you are in charge of instructing them with enough information. You need to have clearly laid out things on paper of dos and don’ts, and all convention here lack this. This is not about a professional attitude, this is about liability and clearly defined roles. The guidelines, or rather the lack of them, gave the security staff nothing to base on but their own call.

All this is coming straight from the cosplayer herself. Her stance is that things are done, and I can understand that she wants things to be done with it. The staff did make a sort of statement on the matter with their latest post, and I find it lacking. They go over what we’ve known thus far, but the reason given here for asking for more coverage or clothes change is that the bottom part of the cosplay was too revealing, not the pair of fake knockers. The groin cover section is  no more revealing than any other set of normal bikinis, so I don’t know what the hell are they on.

It is good for them to state that they will revise the guidelines for the costumes, something every convention should do simply for their own damn good. Stating that the security personal did what they’d do in any all-ages event is s bit weaseling it out, seeing the event is aimed at teens and young adults. This is basic PR stuff, coming out from the end of Our people did as they have been instructed by their training and law. For events that push the idea We’re all doing it together! and dismissing customer-provider relationship, this is incredibly corporate-like of them. It’s a load of nothing, but at least it kicked up discussion and change. Too bad something had to happen like this instead of it being discussed from the very start. In the very end, the onus is on them.

The whole deal bugs me personally, as this isn’t the first case I’ve seen the local fandom having something against skin and sex. I don’t want to blame this on people getting older and seeing their values changed naturally with parenthood and other organic changes that take place, but I’m sure that’s one part. Other things include being affected by certain puritan views on the ‘net, but that’s a discussion for some other time and place.

 On with the business.

I have no plans for the upcoming month, unlike with February. I did enjoy the Breakout posts, even if they took some time to plan out. The only solid plan I have is to compare the TSA A-10 Thunderbol II to its real life counterpart. This was decided by a poll I put on Twitter that pulled in whole 20 people. Even when nobody gives a shit, I’m still doing this for my own enjoyment and to kill time with a chainsaw. Before that I still need to revise the layout, and that may take time.

Next review is also the G710+ keyboard, that much is decided, and I’ll most likely return to Schwarzesmarken whenever I have the right time for it. Most likely the review part will be left for April. As before, I try to steer away from simple game reviews for the time being, those feel a bit too easy to write, if we’re being completely honest.

Also, Fight! Iczer-One is getting a Blu-Ray release in Japan. I hope it’s a proper remastering and not just an upscale with an awful effect thrown on top of it.

Until next time, I need to continue weaving silver.

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