“Our rivalry is what gives me motivation in life”

Seems like Microsoft wants to SONY to allow cross-play between the two console, and by that extent, with at least Windows 10 games. Everybody pretty much took this in a very positive way. After all, what possible downsides would it be in allowing everyone to cross-connect?

Cross-connection is a symptom of two things; consoles being dumbed  down and downgraded PCs nowadays and that outside Nintendo consoles, they lack uniqueness. Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam all share pretty much the same library. You can add Vita to that too. None of them really stand on top each other when it comes to unique games they have. Multi-platform games as far as the eye can see. This has killed the rivalry between companies and none of them try to trump over each other.

Some would argue that allowing each game to exist on every platform gives the consumer the choice of platform, but I would be required to ask if they were willing to give up quality for the discomfort of choice? While cross-platform games have always existed, each console had its killer titles. NES, SNES and GameBoy are all prime examples of consoles with titles people can recall instantly. The Mega Drive is one of this kind of consoles too. PlayStation and Nintendo 64 are another example with slew of unique games for better or worse, with PlayStation also having the vastly superior and larger library. Wouldn’t it be great if we only had one machine to play on? has been uttered few too many times. Modern gamers do not learn from history or they even know the difference between console and PC games any more. Arcade is being used as a genre rather than a style of game like the two aforementioned. It doesn’t help that PS4 and Xbone aren’t true consoles.

Microsoft has had their monopoly in OS market a bit too long. Their grip in the industry is hard to break, and with Windows 10 showcases one of the problems with that; if everyone has it, everyone are under surveillance. Microsoft without a doubt have and will abuse their OS monopoly position without any care in the world and at the expense of the consumer. Variety is the salt of life, and having just one thing forever doesn’t cut it. Linux, Apple’s OS and other alternatives exist, but are less used for various reasons, but there has been very slow but steady change for adoption of open source programs, which would doom Microsoft. Their largest revenue maker is still Office next to Windows. Xbox brand is just eating money, and that’s why they want to move and concentrate their current userbase on PC.

Seeing how both Microsoft and SONY want to have their units upgradeable, the biggest question is what Nintendo is doing. They’re quiet about NX, and whatever it will be, it will stand apart from the two other competitors. At this pace, I could believe a future SONY console could accept games that would be able to run on Windows OS. The fact that the PS4 and Xbone are close to each other when it comes to the architecture is yet another dumbed down PC symptom.

All these are what people have been saying for a long time; everyone’s playing it safe. Why? Because of money. Gaming has become too big for its own good and big money requires safe placing. I’m not talking about taking risks with new ways of gaming or like that, but how only Nintendo is deviating from the form even if little.

Gaming needs to expand in order to survive. Despite what forum wars tell you, most core gamers play on multiple platforms. Only Jimmy and Bimmy who get their mother buy them their console have one. The core audience has gotten older, they’re closer to 40-years. The video game industry is experiencing the same thing as comics, where it’s only catering a small audience while experiencing a push to include politics into them and nobody cares because nobody likes the game industry outside the core customers.

The only way to push for higher calibre of games is to make companies compete with each other as much as possible and differentiate from each other all while expanding the market. The core audience hates to hear this, but the industry needs more NES and Wiis, less Xboxes and PlayStations. An industry can’t sustain itself at this scale without behind-the-scenes unification at the consumers’ expense or hits with the consumer group that is not yet in.Consumer power can only go so far. If an industry decides to do one thing, they will. If SONY and Microsoft decide to enact on their upgradeable console business, console gamers will just disregard them and move to PC straight up…. straight to whatever is the latest OS that runs their games, which most likely means Windows. At this moment in time, we could use a relatively cheap, straightforward game console that stands on its own rather than using the same, overused raw materials Xbone and PS4, and to an extent, the Wii U are on. All this is essentially me steaming my frustration out. However, We can only hope that the industry decides to expand itself. Only then we will get titles like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda and Metroid. If not, we’ll only be stuck with New Super Mario Bros. Wii U, Train Zelda and Metroid Other M.Also, those who got where the title is from should consider playing that games again.

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