Music of the Month; Endless Challenge

It’s that time of the year when ice has begun to thaw and snow turns into puddles of water. It looks warm and it really isn’t, and catching a cold is an easy task. Time to let some steam out.

Last month we had that Iczer trilogy going on, and while that was all nice and dandy, I don’t think it served the intended purpose, not for this blog anyway. Even the name of the Iczelion entry was so bad, that I decided to change it. So, with a slight help from a Dutch, I’ll turn the clock back to the 1980’s with Robocop for our next trilogy bit to go over how certain movies always get turned into children’s franchises. Deadpool becoming the highest grossing R-18 movie should be an indicator what’s to come, but I won’t go into deep detail this time around due to how much Robocop has been discussed since its inception.

Regarding the Alternative Global Radio podcast, we just finished recording a session last Wednesday, and I should get around editing it soon enough. It’s mostly my fault for not getting this off the ground earlier, though there are reasons. After the Muv-Luv Kickstarter I wanted to give the guys at Alternative Projects proper work peace. Personal things have also been going on, but the less said about those the better. It was a solid over and then some session about the BETA.

Last month’s review changed from the keyboard to the controller, but changing things around is nothing new, or the fact that sometimes I take two years to write a review. To be fair, the Laserdisc player review was not the best idea out there because the complete lack of comparison point with another player and the fact that I still don’t have an access to AC-3 decoder.

Do you remember Gekisatsu! Uchuuken, that little comic series about a kung-fu girl beating the living shit out of any and all pop-culture icons of the time that was supposed to get an animation in the mid-1980’s? The LP has now a playlist on Youtube for your pleasure. If you’re interested in obscure stuff, this should be right up your alley. The opening song is clearly unfinished, but the overall thing is pretty enjoyable.

If I am to do a TSF comparison this month, it’d be F-15 Eagle, F-15 ACTV or F-16 Fighting Falcon. I’d like to avoid using in-game CGs as much as possible. While I’m grateful for all the visitors hitting the Muv-Luv posts recently, I feel a need to reiterate that this blog isn’t about just that. Or Iczer-1. There is a need to get back to form without a doubt, but seeing it’s just one guy running this circus somehow that doesn’t seem all that likely.

Next mecha design bit will most likely be about optics, because that’s something most people just throw eyes in and call it a day. From aesthetics that’s fine really, in fiction you don’t really need to think too hard how things actually functions, unless you’re going to realism in which case I recommend having blueprints and explanations why and how things function the way they do. Otherwise you can get ready to see people nitpicking your work to death.

Now that Mega Man Legends 2 is hitting US PSN on the 5th and CAPCOM is going to push for a new mobile Mega Man game, I may need to write about the series again soon enough. Sure, the Classics Collection came out, but what’s to write about them? They’re just another re-release of the NES games. I am slightly worried that this mobile game will be some sort of port, but I’m more hoping something Battle Network related. At least it’d fit the the whole social theme surrounding all these mobile games.

For those who are looking for April fools, I don’t do those. And yes, I did fuck up this release few times over.

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