Music of the Month; La Femme Chinoise

Applies to a particular one-shot comic from Hariken Ryu found in Gigantis’ Blade

Summer, it brings all the same problems as always. I’ve had to evacuate my home for the time being, so that hampers my plans for the next week or two… which in turns basically throws a monkey wrench to everything I had in mind. Long story short, all the plans got scrapped for the time being, until things settle down. Thank God for the ability to time your posts.

That said, this month’s monthly three might end up being a historical view on how Fight! Iczer-1 OVA came to be. Due to it not having a lot going on for it, I’ve planned them to be significantly shorter pieces than the usual. To compensate this, this summer’s long entry will The themes of Godzilla, an overview to the franchise’s thematic history from 1954 Toho original to the 2014 Legendary’s Godzilla. This is because of two things; I had a successful programme about the topic at a convention, and the fact that I have all these materials at my disposal at this time, I might as well put them into use.

As for Muv-Luv, we’re probably ending up with a sort of special podcast this month, if not two. Probably being the keyword there. Things tend to change from day-to-day in what we can do and when due to life and work. I’m planning on a TSF comparison, but I’ll have to see how much time I have after I can go back normal daily life.

No plans for what could be this month’s review, but Schwarzesmarken is not off the tables.  It’d be a belated review, but a review nonetheless.

However, for the time being I will most likely be in the dark what happens outside the occasional news checking. I’ll just have to use this time to enjoy being offline.

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