Guilty Gear design comparisons; DIZZY

The reason why both Dizzy and Jam get so much attention from me is that they were the characters I mained. Seeing them back is great, and I got to pay my respects to ArcSys for going through and respecting the poll they had about what should be the character to be added.

This is gonna be an image heavy entry.

Dizzy as a character was set up to be a tragic one. Born from one of the most hated Gears in history, fathered by a hellhound roaming the Earth and being targeted for the sake of being a Gear, most stories would’ve end up her hating humanity or have her meet a bloody end. Instead, Dizzy was shown compassion by numerous different characters who couldn’t give less a damn about the world history and the fact that she’s probably one of the strongest Gears in the story. She was allowed to have a chance at a normal life as an air-pirate alongside May, until she had an accident due to an enemy and met Ky. Now, she’s probably one of the best mother’s out there, despite that one situation where she needed to seal herself.

Xrd, AC and X respectively
Xrd, X and AC respectively. Remember to click for full-sized versions

Much like most of the cast, Dizzy’s core design hasn’t changed. It’s still has a familiar, recognizable silhouette and that’s most important here. It’s not like with Potemkin, which really could be anyone. The most important bits are there; open skirt, larger shoulders, big sleeves, ribbons on her hair and tail and of course, Necro and Undine. Let’s go from head to toes.

Dizzy’s face has been become more round and softer with each game, and she is probably at her cutest in Xrd, and her neutral facial expression is that of smiling. In X she had more or less neutral look, whereas XX had her worrying or the like. That’s what happy family life does. Her hair’s colour is a bit more broken this time, and it has been tied to the ribbons in a slightly different manner, giving them far more volume than previously. I’m guessing she has more hair too than before. I’m guessing she didn’t have the best hair care in the Grove, and May’s ship couldn’t offer the best hair care products around.

Dizzy's face was very sharp and cold in X. Somewhat birdlike, I always thought
Dizzy’s face was very sharp and cold in X. Somewhat birdlike, I always thought

The main changes to her design however is largely concentrated to her outfit. She has that collar still, just a bit longer than usual, and white has taken over as her main colour. Before, her abdomen was exposed, but is now largely covered with a buttoned piece. While I would not call it a corset outright, the additional belts on her sides would imply just that. You won’t hear a complaint from me, corsets can be a very nice looking clothing choice.

Her shoulder pieces are still largely white, but have changed completely in design. Now they sit on top and cover the sleeves instead of being one clear piece. The black area in the shoulders have also been replaced with feather-patterned rim, which adds to her whole wings-motif. With rivets no less!

Notice that pattern on the sides as well. Those buckles also read something. You also have a better view on the collar, which sits on a white piece
Notice that pattern on the sides as well. Those buckles also read something. You also have a better view on the collar, which sits on a white piece. Note the drastically changed design all over. The collar also connects to a ring on her back, which connects to the sleeves

It should be noted that Dizzy’s breasts were originally completely covered in X and the outfit had a slightly different design, but by XX the design most people are familiar with was established. Sleeves are now open instead of closed and have two decorative belt buckles on the outside, black lace between and blue inside, which really reminds Ky’s main colour motif. I guess Dizzy wanted to use similar colours her husband wears.

The slab of panties she’s wearing now has the same logo as Elphelt, which seems to hint that Gears that share Valentine connection to Eria, the one also known as the Gear Justice have this brand. Anyway, the piece is not connected to the main piece any more as it seems to continue beneath her skirt. The two belts now have separate buckles instead of sharing one, and her buckles overall have gone from aged brass to polished. The skirt itself has defined trim edge and with buttons to possibly have an additional frontal piece to cover herself more.

Her tail is as usual, and her stockings of sorts have tightening belts instead of buttons, and you can see that emblem appearing on them again. The X-strap stayed on, was a sort of distinct design element to begin with. Dizzy has a new pair of shies, now with wider shoetree and segmented design with two fastening straps. The flaps are now only on one side instead of going all around her ankle and lost their blue trim and buttons.

Necro and Undine went through pretty much a complete redesign as well. Their overall appearance isn’t growing from her wings as such, as their shape just sort of forms into the wings. Necro’s cape got additional detailing with white stripes and lyrics reading on his forehead alongside that necklace, whereas Undine got a bit more clothing and overall definition. While her colours stayed largely the same, Necro’s green got a total revamp.

Sadly, it looks like the text on Necro's hood is not high quality enough to be looked at
Sadly, it looks like the text on Necro’s hood is not high quality

 Now here’s the kicker; Dizzy seems to start with a version of her original design;

A classic look with less detailing. Gives a strong contrast to the Xrd redesign

Overall speaking, Dizzy’s new design reflects her more sure self. While she still show some hesitation and tries not to hurt others, she is far more secure in what she can do and her role in life. She’s stopped running and facing the reality as is. She still has time to be good mother to Sin too. I just wonder how much influence her father had on Sin on, well, everything.

Seriously I waited to see how these'd turn out
Seriously I waited to see how these’d turn out

Dizzy’s physical appearance is more rounded and soft, similar to how Jam’s in-game model now looks. For example, Dizzy’s hips have become more child-bearing since X and she’s gained more meat on her tights as well. I won’t complain about this at all, as it could be a natural change from eating almost nil to more nourishing dishes. Or that the designers revamped her bit by bit to go with the times.

Dizzy’s self-confidence is also reflected in her moves and neutral stance.

And her idle animation it so fix the bow on her tail and lift her stockings up
And her idle animation it so fix the bow on her tail and lift her stockings up

Some of her moves have seen some visual changes, some have additional properties, but most of them are as you remember them. However, her Overdrives have been seriously revamped in visual terms.

Dizzy’s Imperial Ray used to be unleashed by holding her arms crossed on her chest, then releasing a burst of ascending pillars of fire from the ground. Now, it’s Necro that shots a ray through the ground that causes those pillars to occur.

Imperial Ray
Sweeping the ground with a laser is a theme on its own, you know

A new Overdrive for Dizzy Don’t be Overprotective, which has Undine throwing a sort of glass between Dizzy and the opponent.

Through the looking glass
Through the looking-glass

And of course, Dizzy still has the usual Boss-level superbeam weapon, Gamma Ray. However, instead of Necro pulling out a dragon’s head while Dizzy shivers to shoot it, it’s a combined power of Necro and Undine.

Necro shoots over, Undine shoots under, the they both just let 'er rip
Necro shoots over, Undine shoots under, the they both just let ‘er rip. Also, notice that her magic ring is completely different compared to her old one

Dizzy’s Overdrives of course have a theme on their own, where she may not be willing to invoke her shadowy Gear look anymore, but Undine and Necro are willing to do anything to protect Dizzy. They must’ve been hell to deal with in bed. Poor Ky. In addition to this, Dizzy now has an Instant Kill, where she tries to stop Necro from unleashing a super charged version of Gamma Ray.

Each character has their own variation of this
Each character has their own variation of this. Note that similar logo on Elphelt’s tiara to Dizzy’s stockings. It’s no 1:1, but close

Neco of course misses, but causes the nearby mountain range to be reduced to ashes. Each character has their own reaction to this and then they Surrender. This is the first time Dizzy had an Instant Ki- Surrender, as discussed how her character views fighting a necessity that should be avoided at all costs. One bit that really shows that she’s grown stronger is that she no longer loses consciousness after a fight, instead lamenting on her need to fight.

Another notion in Dizzy’s character change is in her voice. She has her usual phrases and the like, apologizing and the like. Previously, her voice was full of almost panicking warning, especially during Overdrives and her screams, but in Xrd they’re more toned down. Not exactly reserved or the like, but more akin to a mother warning a loved one. Kazue Fujita has also slightly changed how Dizzy sounds to reflect all the changes she’s gone trough.

The last change I’ll discuss this concerns her music. Dizzy’s original theme, Awe of She, is a personal favourite. The vocal version asks Where is love, it should have been there, then proceeds to call faith unforgivable and holding a grudge. The song reflects Dizzy as she was during X and early XX storyline, but she’s over that now. Her new theme, One Dawn, starts with a soft opening, almost something you can imagine hearing while walking in a forest grove, until the rock instruments kick in.

The song proceeds to go heavier on the instruments, until it gets to the main section of the song. That’s about 1:03 into the video. One Dawn is not as sombre as Awe of She by a long shot and is relatively bright contrast in contrast. However, there is one section around 3:13 that takes a short and direct motif from Awe of She. It’s a subtle throwback and a rather dark cello section in the middle of otherwise  bright and fast paced rock track.

Dizzy’s current design shows is archetypical of modern character revisions: add stuff. It has loads more detail and is much busier. The change of allowing her to have more white than previously gives her outfit almost completely different impression, and while some may complain about Dizzy’s abdomen being covered, you can still see her navel. That’s erotic as hell, I tell you. This redesign does justice to the original and probably stands out the best of the bunch. The revisions do not detract from the design per se, but support certain view on the character and her motifs.

Happy Dizzy is happy
And of course, we all need more Happy Dizzy in our lives

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