Holiday greetings

For the past few years I’ve written something for the parents about purchasing games as gifts for their children and grandchildren. In hind sight, this hasn’t really been worth the effort as none of these people really look for answers to these questions from a random blog. No, they go to a forum where they can discuss with people who are in the same boat and might end up buying little Jimmy the latest Transformers game for the wrong system or just get him whatever equivalent of Grand Theft Auto we had this year. In the end, whatever a parent gives their kid is labour of love in many ways. With age, the taste for gifts change and surprisingly often soft and usable gifts become increasingly more preferable over gadgets and goodies. There are those who have a knack of choosing the right gifts, and there’s like me who can’t figure out a gift to save their life. Stressing too much over gifts to either direction is fruitless job.

The upcoming week will be normal update week, with a mecha design post and Top 5 games of 2016. However, in preparation of the upcoming year I’ve set up a poll in Twitter that concerns what sort of posts I should emphasize. I don’t usually do this, I don’t really give a damn what posts get popular per se as I still don’t get paid, and I doubt anyone would be willing to patronize me through supportive services.

With that nonsensical stuff done with, do remember to make peace with people and matters, letting go of bad memories, making peace with each other and simply enjoy these (hopefully) few peaceful days. Merry Christmas to all of you.

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