Music of the Month; All that Rock

I don’t know about you, but I feel like there’s something new just beyond, just a step away. As such, I’ll drop the music at the end, because what it really should be is Stairway to Heaven. That, or Voodoo Child.

The changes are not necessarily positive ones, or even something one would want for their life. However, each change opens a new possibility and allows growth for something else and new. It all just depends how you grasp those chances laid out. What that means for this blog, for this year or for this month? Hell if I know, I just sit and down, see what happens and make the keys clack.

To be serious for a moment, there are few New Year’s resolution that I’ve made regarding the blog. First one is the result of the Twitter poll I had going on, in which the results said More things that have gotten most hits. As such, I’ll be abandoning Monthly Threes from February onwards, so I can say I one year test period. I still recommend you to go read those, as there are some entries that I consider to be one of the best pieces of content in this blog, thou depending on your stance that’s not much said. Mecha design bits won’t go away by any means and neither are discussion about electronic game culture. Not now, when I feel that I have begun to find my voice. I’ll aim to do a Muv-Luv entry at least once per month, and not just as part of mecha designs, because goddamn I hate using anything else but standard pose images. Dunno what I could write about that hasn’t been covered elsewhere or better, but I guess this is one of those points where I can allow my own shit to come through as much as I want.

While I seemingly treat these Monthly Musics as trivial breaks from the usual pace I update this blog, they still serve two large roles; breaking the whole character thing and allows me to properly reflect. To tell you the truth, the work that I’ve put into each post has grown in a very small but steady pace. These won’t go away to any extent, but maybe I’ll try to return to form and pick video game music consistently this year.

Also, against my better judgement, I’ll allow myself to review more games and game related materials rather than sticking with random shit nobody reads. I will also start looking for a friend who would be interested in adding a post per week in to the mix for some varied flavour.

But for now, enjoy the opening of the year 2017. It has a seven innit, so we better make the best of it. As for the music, just amuse me for a moment here and just open this link in a new window, letting it play as it is.

I don’t say this too often, but thanks for keeping readin’ all the jazz here.

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