Guilty Gear Design comparisons; Millia Rage

One of the cast members of the first Guilty Gear, Millia Rage has been a fan favourite and a mainstay in the series for her fast, close-combat mechanics with few options for ranged attacks. In this way, she’s similar to Jam, but does not need to rely on wall bouncing and card stocking for high damage. Her most prominent design feature is Forbidden Beast Angra, her hair, which takes all sorts of forms as she attacks. Millia is named after the band Meliah Rage, and the hair probably comes from their constant use of skeleton of Meliah tribe member with the iconic Indian chief headdress. However, her most prominent and famous musical reference is her Instant Kill, Iron Maiden. She’s essentially a rock and metal band reference package, Winger, Emerald Rain, and even Angra are all band names. Millia may be easy to handle, but just like her namesakes, she hits hard.

With the intro out of the way, let’s get on the design business.

Xrd, Original, X and XX designs

Millia’s design has been changed every time a major revision has hit the scene. Originally, she was all blue with some white highlights, and then got a new set of clothes with inverted scheme. Despite having a similar silhouette, the clothes are different. Her Xrd revision changed outlook altogether, and while it has split fans whether or not this was a good decision, I can’t help but laugh when I remember someone finding this blog when googling Why does Millia have a hat?

Anyway, the original clothing is simple, a single piece dress over a shirt. White lines run at the rims on the piece over her upper torso and at the front section of the skirt. The shirt Millia has underneath (or is it just one piece after all? Hard to say) which has a high collar, probably to giver her some protection from those cold Russian nights when Zato-1 was on a mission. The two things that got carried to her X outfit, outside the white panties, was her black gloves with protective pads and that blue headband. To be frank, other illustrations show that she has a leotard underneath, but that’s not exactly apparent in-game.

All things considered, Millia’s second outfit is her most iconic. Full-white one-piece jacket with blue trimmings and belts on the chest and lower half somehow just fits the whole look white that long, golden-yellow hair. Notice that her shoes have been swapped as well. Previously, they had two-part section on them, which has now been transformed into similar one-piece that most Guilty Gear characters had at the time. Maybe the world had only one or two shoemakers at this point in the timeline. Millia also began wearing black socks.

There’s little use to compare her new design to the previous incarnations, but there are some similarities in there nevertheless. For one, Millia’s chose of clothing hasn’t exactly changed all that much. Similar to her old jacket, her new one’s similar in shape and size, high collar included. Just like with the rest of the cast, she’s just gotten a bit meatier overall. Despite her legs now having stockings on them, that doesn’t really matter on a silhouette. I’m glad she got some better looking boots, which really tells that her design caters to certain kind of crowd in where it counts. Let’s start from the top, her hat.

License plate!

Z1 refers to none other than Zato-1, though what 28 is up in the air. 13, of course, is the number of bad luck, and with Millia’s new clothes came new theme of the bad luck cat. Usually they’re black, hence all the black sections on her clothing. If the 13 is anything to go by Russian license plates, she’d be from the Republic of Mordovia. As usual for Guilty Gear characters, her pillbox had is kept together with belts.

Notice that her shirt has two large buttons on them on the similar spot where she used to have those plates. You can see a version of those plates underneath, the grey bits, or at least a resembling vestige of them.


Whatever Lady Ivy is a reference to is lost to me. Considering it’s Millia, it’s either a band or a song. Maybe her back has some clues on this.

Lady Ivy from Ivy Traditional doesn’t really open doors, but there is a traditional British Christmas Carol called The Holly and the Ivy, which has been used few times over. It may also be just in-universe branding, but you never know. Maybe it’s a reference to Ivy Benson, but she doesn’t really mesh with the heavy musical references Millia’s associated with. The symbolism of Lady and Ivy can be vast is kinda all over the place, but that’s not exactly anything new.

All cats are gray in the dark

Spinning towards the front from the sides, we see some continuing elements, namely the belt and finger gloves, things that are carryovers from her previous design. We also see more of that cat theme in the engraving on the black leather.

Millia has an emblem of a dead cat with the inscription for Curiosity killed the cat with bow ends coming out. It would seem that she’s the cat. The belt straps end on both sides of the emblem, with ends extruding up and down for no reason outside flavour. The jacket’s zipper runs down her left side and ends in pleated skirt peaking underneath. The lower section repeats Lady Ivy from Ivy Traditional. She has two buttons on the back, above her hips.

Black dominates the ends of her jacket, be it wherever except the collar

Millia used to go without anything much on her legs, but stockings simply change the colour without adding to anything else.

There’s nothing much else to say about her well-toned legs except that her new ballerina-styled shoes are pretty damn neat. Long gone are the days of standard GG shoes, she now has something that fits her much better, considering someone somewhere probably called her a ballerina when she’s fighting.

The cats here are alive

It’s always nice to see a reason for belts and straps in games nowadays. Millia’s shoes make sense and have a nice contrasting white-orange colour to the black stockings. They pop in a very nice way, though the emblem on her shoes should’ve had the same gold colour as the buckles.

Despite many moaning about her design being drastically changed, it’s very much tied to her previous two. She stands out more from the cast now, where she previously had slightly Holy Order-ish look to her. If Millia were to drop her hat, the overall silhouette would be very similar across all three versions. I’d bet if she had her old colours as the default, people wouldn’t really care her designed got changed a bit.

Someone’s fetish

One thought on “Guilty Gear Design comparisons; Millia Rage

  1. The license plate isn’t about luck. It’s a tribute to Zato-1’s voice actor. Z-1 is Zato, but 1/28 is the voice actor’s (and character’s) birthday. The 13 is a reference to the 13 years between his passing and the release of Xrd.

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