Smash that Rant

I’m not even going try to pretend this post is in blogger persona in any shape or form. I haven’t had a good actual rant for a while, and maybe twenty years of hearing the same bullshit last night tipped me over, or the upcoming Godzilla II; King of the Monsters  (yeah they added II to the title, but why in the fuck they went and re-used this title anyway? This is Godzilla; Gee Whiz We Couldn’t Make Up An Original Title) and how certain part of the fandom views monster movies compared to the rest of the people. You can split monster movie fans roughly in half, and this really goes tokusatsu and other genres that are aimed at kids and teens; there are those who appreciate the human drama, and then there’s the juvenile idiots who come to watch toys being smashed together.

Aren’t you being a bit unfair there? I won’t be having any pretense. The view on Godzilla movies is that they’re stupid movies for kids, where a giant lizard, be it a man in a rubber suit or 3D model, smashes through things and fights another just as badly made suit or CG monster. Everything else is just an excuse to get there. They’re right too in most cases. Godzilla Raids Again, despite it trying to be a legitimate sequel, is ultimately a sequel to a movie that never needed a goddamn sequel. That’s academical at this point, just like how it’s academical that the living form of Hydrogen Bombs became a child friendly hero defending the world and talking in his Monster Language. It’s like turning Spawn into Saturday Morning Cartoon hero for five-year old kids. Works for Ultraman, and hey, the original Ultraman show was pretty damn good. Difference of course being that Ultraman has always been for kids specifically, and turning the series into a grimderp direction for adults is about is retarded as you can get. It’s not unusual for fans to demand the shit they love to grow with them, something Marvel and DC have had to struggle with all the time, but good luck effectively wanting to destroy what made you love that shit in the first place.

You know how people generally enjoy Godzilla or other similar shit? When they’re kids, the whole human element is lost to them. They don’t get how Godzilla’s skin is reflecting the scarred skin of a nuclear strike victim or other shit I talked in Themes of Godzilla. It’s a post that should get updated but fuck me if I don’t have enough shit on the line to do but no time. Sometimes I feel like becoming an unemployed NEET just to have time to indulge myself in hobbies and projects I’ve promised to finish. Kid seeing people working together might just think these are nice people cooperating, but the whole underlying message of unified mankind with no prejudice or racism really doesn’t him home. No, it really doesn’t. Parents need to actively teach this shit rather than leave haphazard movies to give this message, because kids come see rubber suits smashing each other. The other way people tend to watch these movies are for the sake of camp and kitsch. Often drunk, because holy shit if monster movies have some retarded plot. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was personally when I saw VS series’ Godzilla VS King Ghidorah for the first time. After reading and hearing how good it was, but it turned into a fucking travesty in the end, and the more understanding of cultural environment of the time I got, the more the movie turns into a travesty. Middle finger to OPEC nations just on the doorsteps of Lost Decade. It ain’t uncommon to hear people getting plastered and enjoying a good damn hearty laugh at monster movies.

It’s like Michael Bay’s Transformers movies. Chinese love to see robots smashing shit. There’s no shame in admitting liking childish things, but let’s be completely clear here; a movie with main intention to have monsters fighting each other in a spectacle with no real weight or meaning is childish. Make it gory, make guts fly and filled with horror, and it’s still childish. You know why there are exactly two Godzilla movies that are considered to be films rather than movies, films that stand on their own apart from the rest of the mass and actually have made an impact? Because they treat the core of the films, the allegory of disaster a man has brought to himself and can barely contain it in any shape or form, with heavy respect.

Are you mad that Godzilla became a popular series for children? No, absolutely not. It serves the viewers and allowed the franchise to have a life it would have otherwise never seen. It became a cult classic, a historical monument and cultural icon in more than one way. Yet, this has brought the unfortunate side to us, where part of the fans are there just for the monster fights. They are there for the spectacle and that’s what these movies end up being. Godzilla is a series of allegories, and after hearing oh so many goddamn years that people think its just monster fights from people who are in for just monster fights, you end up with movies like the 2014 Godzilla that doesn’t only fuck up the cinematography, but also is just a sad excuse to have monsters fighting each other. It is a movie with a half-assed message about bad things without any real weight to it. A half-hearted message against nuclear bombs or power is kinda wasted when the allegory of nuclear holocaust is the hero of your movie. Oh it just means we can harness nuclear power for good, just like with the other Godzilla movies. No it doesn’t. Humanity never harnesses Godzilla. They keep it at bay at best sometimes, but in the end its always a disaster. Nuclear power is the safest and cleanest form of energy we could have nowadays, but never mistake nuclear power with nuclear weapons.

The human drama should overshadow the monsters. That’s what they’re about after all, each one of them; the human condition. Each and every time a disaster or monster movie comes out, its backbone is the human condition and drama that it carries. Most often they’re terrible written shit, which is why some concentrate on the monster fights. It’s a hard as hell script to write and it can be done only so many times. Because some people value personal view and analysis on shit more than what they actually are, you know what King Ghidorah was to me originally? It was the disaster from space, the possibility of humanity ending in a bright flash as a meteor strikes the Earth, wiping us clean. What else could we use against such a threat that nuclear weapons? Most likely it’d shatter into parts, like three heads Ghidorah had. We’re at the mercy of cruel, uncaring space, and all we have are weapons that we’ve managed to unleash on ourselves to defend with. None of those ideas matter in the end, y’know. It’s just a cool three headed golden dragon that’s powerful and throwing shit around. Yeah, sounds about right.

Aren’t you just salty bitch? You could say that and go fuck yourself while you’re at it. We live in an era where we have the luxury of movies and products like this are abundant. Godzilla and other movies of its kind are dime in the dozen. We are able to produce and enjoy so much MacDonalds grade shit that it isn’t funny. A Snickers bar now and then is great, but sometimes you really should throw that five bucks at a high-grade dark chocolate mint that you have to eat bit by bit, enjoying its flavours and savoring how strong it is. There are too many Godzilla movies for them to have any true meaning any more. People who expect monster fights would rather spend their viewing time on the phone, missing the that is of importance. A friend said Shin Godzilla would have been a better movie if had Mothra or King Ghidorah for Godzilla to fight. He missed all the anguish the movie has over life that doesn’t understand what it is or how it became to be. Life, that doesn’t now but pain and yet wants to continue onward despite everything else wanting it to end. The commentary on how Japanese government fucked dealing with Fukushima and how, the contradiction the culture itself represents as one of the cutting edge technology nations still sticking to their traditions to the point of effectively coercing inaction. And yet, all that was naught because it didn’t have monsters fighting.

You get why I get frustrated when people say all these movies are is monster fights? It’s because we can have our cake and eat it too. Fuck the cultural schema and paradigm we have now. You could have a film about two monsters fighting as a high art film as long as you treat it with proper care and remember the core of what these monsters are. However, with movies like Pacific Rim being around and applauded by a fringe fandom and the Chinese, that’s never going to happen. It’s like having the idea of high-grade dark chocolate mint, people discussing about it, but all we get is Snickers. Snickers sells better, it has more people wanting it. We could have genuine art, something that just doesn’t turn into frackled shit after we’ve consumed it.

As I said, I’ve been hearing the same thing said over and over gain. Even these people realise the framework and drama is necessary for the movie to function in any sensible level. However, this has been constant. Jokes have a basis on reality, and the more you act like a retard among retards, you’ll end up being one. Market forces can’t be denied. Clever movies don’t sell or are being made. Spectacle has become mundane. Everything is produced en mass. Uniqueness has been beheaded. Godzilla has a cultural paradigm it is stuck in. Like the Japanese said with Shin Godzilla, let the Americans do no-brain popcorn filler, leave real Godzilla for the Japanese. I can’t help but agree with that sentiment. Perhaps Shin Godzilla spoiled me. Not only is it a good monster flick, but a genuinely great film to boot worthy to stand next to the original. None other entry in the series can do the same, despite whatever my personal opinions would be.

If there’s anything you should from this blog, take it that you can’t go against market forces now matter what your personal tastes are. They don’t matter. You can defend high art or the most depraved porn, but if the market says otherwise, that’s that then. Godzilla and so many other of its kind are stagnant. We’re repeating the repetition of a repetition. Going back in time to see where it comes from is a breeze of fresh air that puts things into proper perspective. Perhaps I’ll need to follow one of my own advice from long past and let things go as they please and find new venues to enjoy. I can always return to the things I love without any regard where it may have gone nowadays.

I can always try to make something people might enjoy myself, even if this blog and its success are largely an indication how inept and stagnant I am myself.

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