Music of the Month; Midnight Chaser

Oy, why wasn’t there a post on Sunday? We’re creeping towards the end of quarterly year, so things are busy. Due to this, I’ve been doing some overtime shifts. Last weekend happened to be at night, so it was either sleep or writing a post, so guess which one I picked. Good side on this is that the salary I’m getting should cover me a server, which I might or might not use to set up something on the long run.

There hasn’t been much happening that I’d need to cover per se in this month’s starter. We reached 1k posts and that almost went by unnoticed, I’m not exactly the one to start celebrating such things. Nevertheless, there was a Different take on customers which I used to vent some stuff off. Not the usual kind, but taken from the maker’s point of view. Largely.

With the new Guilty Gear hitting the scene with trailers, those posts have been getting some attention. If I were some kind of grubby attention whore, or just someone seeking to expand and take advantage of current trends, I would’ve started dishing out GG design posts despite the hit they would’ve taken in quality. Nice to see people checking ’em out, but it also made me realise I need to rename the posts to include a direct reference to Xrd now that the upcoming game is the latest one. I’ll probably modify the existing posts to include the new game’s designs at some point, whenever I got enough materials at hand (and time to do ’em) all the while new entries will cover both Xrd and whatever this new game will be called. I hope it’ll get a proper title with four Xs.

I got a topic for a new mecha design post as well with the announcement of industrial design version of good ol’ Gundam. Now what makes it industrially designed is anyone’s guess, but probably the fact that Ken Okuyama designed Enzo Ferrari and has some pull. The topic would be hip design and the main approaches it has, open, skirted and what I call diapers. The linked Gundam has that diaper design, as did most old Transformers, so there’s some stuff to cover and wager how they function in comparison to each other.

There was relatively interesting discussion about game storytelling, where I discussed the complete opposite from the other person, with me sticking to the whole player-actions narrative approach while this other person promoted the idea of having separate sequences for clear storytelling, like FMV sequences. I could marriage this with critique why Hideo Kojima should move into making movies rather than games, seeing he has surrounded himself with Hollywood-types and lives in that bubble after leaving Konami, but we’ll see how that goes ends up.

Maybe the last proper topic I’ve simmered in my head during my downtime has been about the new push for digital-only games because one Blu-ray disc is not enough. Last of Us 2 was reported to come on two discs and this was somehow seen a detriment. As if games historically haven’t come on multiple discs or diskettes in the past. The push nevertheless was that this is somehow a great negative, and the post should cover how that’s bullshit. The last few generations have been exceptions on multiple disc games due how large BD space ultimately is, tho 360 games sometimes came on two discs instead of one due to size limitations, like Lords of Shadow is on two discs on 360 while on one with PS3. It’s like people thinking upgraded console is a new thing, despite early generations doing that willy nilly, or that the SNES is Nintendo’s second console.

I might finally do something Lemon People related, but it’d be a gallery of front covers that would get updated as I manage to slowly expand the collection. It appears I am aiming to collect all the published magazines, for better or worse.

This being a new month, I should remind you to take your knives and sharpen them, after which you should oil ’em. Majority of slips and cuts in the kitchen are because of dull knives slipping from their intended target. Cutting a tomato with a nice sharp knife is just so much nicer than trying to force an unsharp slab through it.

Well, work beckons, though when this goes live I’ll be fast asleep.

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